Employee programs

Citrix amplifies the contributions of its employees and our impact in our communities through our global programs: Citrix Serves, Citrix Gives, and the Employee Relief Fund.

Citrix Serves

Citrix Serves is the name of our global volunteer program. Employees receive 16 hours of paid volunteer time each year to support the charities of their choice. Up to three additional paid volunteer days may be used to support disaster relief volunteer efforts.

Supporting the communities where our employees live and work is a major tenet of the Citrix culture. We encourage our employees to live our corporate values by empowering them to give their time, talent, and passion to those in need. We support employee engagement by giving them the flexibility to support the causes that matter most to them—when and how they choose to give back.

Citrix Gives

Citrix Gives is our corporate giving program. It provides grant dollars to eligible global 501(c)(3) nonprofits and non-governmental organizations and supports personal employee donations through our charitable match program. Citrix matches employee donations up to 2,000 USD per employee per year. Through the Dollars for Doers program, employees can also receive Charitable Gift Cards for volunteering during their personal time, which they can use to donate funds to their favorite nonprofit.

These programs reinforce our culture of service by:

  • Mobilizing Citrites in service to others
  • Increasing employee volunteerism and giving
  • Measuring and tracking meaningful impact 

Citrix Employee Relief Fund

We established the Citrix Employee Relief Fund to help employees and their immediate family members during times of personal and financial hardship.

Qualifying hardships include government-declared emergencies, natural disasters, accidents, military deployments, impacts to primary residence, serious illness, victims of violent crimes or abuse, civil unrest, and death of an employee or immediate family member.

All applications are reviewed and administered by the Emergency Assistance Foundation staff and are completely confidential.

Read our 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Year in Review for an overview of our programs, impact, and accomplishments.

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