Empower your security posture with unmatched end-to-end visibility

Innovative and cutting-edge security analytics proactively detect compliance risks and security threats

To protect your intellectual property, you need to keep assets and employees secure. The Citrix platform seamlessly integrates with your existing landscape and shares insights and data with existing 3rd party SIEM solutions.

Citrix Analytics for Security automatically discovers and offers to integrate available data sources, such as Citrix DaaS and Citrix Secure Private Access, to unmatched time to value compared to other solutions on the market.

In addition, uberAgent monitoring delivers insights and visibility into physical and virtual client and server operating systems with a lightweight agent. Built into the Citrix platform, the granular analysis of application processes, web apps, network, and operating system metrics equip SOC teams and threat hunters with the insights they need.


Track application reliability with uberAgent in the Citrix platform

More insights into the performance of your applications and their backend - inside and outside of the Citrix session

Learn more about uberAgent

Assess, detect, and prevent risks in real time

Secure your data and users with built-in machine learning

Unique to Citrix session insights such as clipboard usage, file transfers, and printing behavior are connected with user behavior and session launch insights. The holistic end-to-end dataset is utilized to calculate anomaly detection and an individual risk score.

Additionally, Citrix Session Recording can complement the solution's capabilities with event-driven and dynamic session recording, providing empirical evidence when a compliance violation or incident has occurred.

Set a baseline for day-to-day activity

Assign a personalized risk score to each user based on daily work habits and real-time behaviors, so you can identify risks before they lead to breaches. Custom risk indicators allow you to define risk individually.

Citrix Analytics for Security User Risk Scores dashboard

Stay ahead of suspicious behavior and keep track of events

Automatically add any unusual activities, such as credential sharing, or excessive file sharing and clipboard usage, to user risk timelines so it’s easy to spot anomalies or threats.

Citrix Analytics for Security user risk timeline

React to risks and take data-driven actions

Use automated policy enforcement to take action as soon as threats are detected—restrict access, lockout users, add to watchlists, and more.

Citrix Analytics for Security Policy console

Uncover insights in seconds

Use the advanced search bar to find what you need fast. Then filter down to the exact insights you need: logins, authentications, browser activity, application process name and more.

Citrix Analytics for Security Advanced Search

Connect to Splunk, Microsoft Sentinel, Elasticsearch, LogStash, or Kafka brokers

Share your insights and raw data source events via data streaming with your SIEM services, to centralize risk management and get deeper security posture insights. For ease of use, the same risk and compliance dashboards are available inside of Splunk and Sentinel too.

Citrix Analytics for Security SIEM integrations

See how Citrix security analytics protects your corporate resources

Protect sensitive business information

Secure your employees, IT environment, and content with analytics intelligence

Deliver incredible experiences to users on any device

Elevate the user experience when delivering virtual apps and desktops, even over challenging networks.


Explore hybrid workforce resources

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