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From the very beginning, Citrix has created technology that allows you to get work done from anywhere on any device – while reducing energy consumption. Our solutions help people and businesses be more sustainable. We also set up our offices and facilities to reduce energy and waste, and our employees globally work to minimize their ecological footprint.

An unprecedented rise in remote work has resulted in dramatic improvements in the Air Quality Index. Without roadways packed with commuters, urban areas can see blue skies. Citrix is proud to play our part and help our customers enable remote work, no matter the situation.

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Decreasing our carbon footprint

Environmentally-friendly offices

Citrix creates modern workplaces that are collaborative, engaging, and economical, while being environmentally sustainable. Investments in sustainable design features and green operations go into the development and expansion of all of our offices. We are firm believers in the triple bottom line – measuring our social, environmental, and financial success.

Some other actions we’ve taken include:

Follow LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) principles when building or renovating offices

Eliminated the majority of bottled water from offices and using biodegradable, recyclable, and/or reusable products

Reduced and/or removed single-use plastics in our cafes and break rooms

Operations that conserve energy

Citrix has several programs designed to reduce our carbon footprint. Almost all of our Citrix offices have simple and easy recycling options. We reuse, recycle, and/or divert landfill items like plastic bags, packing foam, cardboard, wood, metal, electronic waste, fluorescent bulbs, and batteries.

Other actions we’ve taken include:

Allocate resources for automation to turn devices on and off

Consider the environmental impact when procuring of IT assets

Work with green companies that ensure that asset IT asset components are recycled

Provide EV charging stations at our Fort Lauderdale, Raleigh, and Santa Clara offices

Maximize natural light and utilizing solar panels, LED lighting, optimizing HVAC and lab equipment for minimal power use and utilizing photovoltaic electricity and thermal solar when possible

Sustainably built products

We strive to develop our own products in an environmentally friendly way. Citrix outsources product manufacturing and recycling to suppliers and vendors that follow the highest environmental standards in the industry, such as ISO 14001.

Suppliers must:

Source responsibly: Adopt a policy of responsible sourcing, passing this requirement through their supply chain.

Provide due diligence: Implement due diligence processes to support responsible sourcing policies.

Evaluate suppliers: Source minerals from socially responsible suppliers.

Communicate sourcing: Provide Citrix with information about mineral sourcing for products supplied to us.

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