Centralize app and desktop management

Deploy apps and desktops in hybrid environments, quickly and cost effectively

When workforces become more distributed, hybrid work continues to evolve, and applications are strewn across data centers, laptops, clouds, and SaaS vendors, what do you do? Distributed management and point solutions for specific use cases are not the answer. Instead, you need to look for solutions that aggregate disparate digital resources into one experience for end users, and one point of control for IT admins. You need centralized, unified management that empowers you to deploy new applications in the cloud while keeping some apps and data on premises for compliance. With the Citrix platform, you can achieve centralized control for IT with a unified experience for employees, while saving time and money, and improving security and user experience.

Executive summary:

  • Leverage Citrix for both cloud services or IT-managed control as needed, for the best combination of simplified operations and absolute control.
  • Consolidate policies, security, and deployment for IT while unifying the end-user experience across many different types of applications, infrastructure, and networks
  • Move workloads and data between cloud and on premises as the business requires without having to re-architect the solution


Business outcomes

IT-Managed virtual apps and desktops for maximum control

For many highly regulated industries, like healthcare, government, financial institutions, and more, keeping sensitive data on premises is essential. At the same time, these organizations are also using clouds and SaaS, leading to a fractured administrative and end-user experience. With Citrix, you can unify the delivery of all apps and desktops, making it easier for IT to manage and secure.  

Go hybrid to maximize your investments

Operating in a hybrid environment is an ideal way to optimize your IT investments. Did you know that Citrix is the only enterprise app and desktop virtualization provider that does not also have a major interest in infrastructure? Citrix is uniquely positioned to ensure flexibility and choice, enabling you to leverage any hyperscaler, cloud, or server virtualization. Use the infrastructure you own on premises for steady-state workloads, while leveraging clouds for instant elasticity and bursting. 

Hybrid cloud application delivery networking

Regardless of where you host your applications, and whether they are virtualized, web-delivered, or cloud-native, you need a hybrid multi-cloud networking solution to secure, accelerate, and manage the connectivity. Hybrid application delivery solutions from NetScaler can do it all: simplify the cloud migration process, ensure the correct configuration for your application delivery controllers and applications in your cloud environment, enable your organization to easily deploy and manage cloud services on your infrastructure, extend your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, and distribute traffic across your hybrid cloud environment with global server load balancing.

Read more about hybrid cloud application delivery with NetScaler.

Make the most of your Microsoft entitlements with multi-session Windows 10/11 and Windows 365

Citrix DaaS can help ensure you get as much as possible from your Microsoft 365 E3/E5 investments. Citrix customers can realize a 153% ROI when using Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop together1. That’s because, thanks to a longstanding partnership between Citrix and Microsoft, you can combine the best features of Azure Virtual Desktop with added functionality from Citrix to achieve more while spending less. Enhance the user experience, increase security, and simplify management—all while reducing cloud spending and speeding up deployments with easy-to-provision DaaS options. Looking at Windows 365 for flat-rate DaaS benefits?  We’ve got you covered with our HDX Plus for Windows 365 technology, so you can incorporate HDX-enhanced Cloud PCs into your Citrix experience.


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