Summit Power: Strategic Alliances Share the Spotlight at Citrix Summit

Wow! What an incredible week we had at Citrix Summit. Microsoft, HPE, Cisco, Dell, Nutanix, Google, IBM, Fujitsu, Dimension Data,…

Citrix Summit 2017: Big News, Bold Initiatives

Holy smokes! Did you catch the license number of the blazing hot conference that whizzed by last week? That’s right:…

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“Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are”: Life is Good at Citrix Summit

“Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are”: Life is Good at the Summit Closing Keynote Turns out optimism is…

A Corporate Culture Powered by Diversity and Inclusion 

Behind every breakthrough innovation, transformative solution, and successful customer, there’s a team of talented individuals who make it all possible.…

Amp Up Your Revenue & Customer Satisfaction with the Services Delivery Program

The big announcement about our new Services Delivery Program generated major buzz at Citrix Summit 2017. Partners heard from VP…

What You Missed at Summit, CSP edition!

Missed Citrix Summit 2017? Citrix Service Providers, catch up with this overview for CSP partners including promotion of upcoming webinar and sign up for the “ What You Missed at Summit” CSP edition webinar

Receiver for Chrome 2.3 Has You Covered with Multi-Monitor

The new release of Receiver for Chrome is available for Citrix customers, adding multi-monitor in unified desktop mode, experimental API…

Developers, Here Are Some Tools for You

A listing of developer tools and resources to help getting started

Multi-Monitor Support in Citrix Receiver for Chrome

Citrix Receiver for Chrome 2.3 adds support for Multi-monitor. Multi-monitor feature enables customers to work with multiple published application and desktop sessions.

A Beginners’ Guide to Getting Started With Citrix ShareFile

Information about the CSF-201 ShareFile course from Citrix Education.

NEW! Set Your Sights on Citrix Certification for XenApp/XenDesktop!

Now there’s a new course from Citrix Education that will help prepare you for our upcoming Citrix Certified Associate (CCA-V) certification exam, while ensuring you have the tools and skills you need to manage a XenApp or XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR (Long Term Service Release) environment.

Smart Card (CAC/PIV) SSON with FAS

Organizations that leverage smart cards for authentication have struggled to reduce the number of PIN prompts required to securely log… Cuts Bandwidth by Up To 60%. Yes: SIXTY PERCENT! cuts bandwidth by up to 60%. You read that right: sixty percent! If you’ve read any of my other…

Secure Browsing with Citrix & Bitdefender

The internet: friend or foe? In my career as a field consultant, I’ve worked in a lot of different environments…

Verify Your Containerized Applications with NetScaler CPX Now!!

Over the past few years, we have seen significant development in Linux kernel, which has made Containers evolve into an…

Who Can Amaze Partners With New Technology? Citrix Can!

Yesterday’s Vision Keynote was a great kickoff to Summit. But I’ll admit that I was really looking forward to today’s…

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