Citrix Partners with Futurist Jacob Morgan, Wakefield Research to Examine Future of Work

Citrix is partnering with leading futurists and research firms to identify the attributes of high-performing organizations and project how the future will work.

Keep Your Dirty Internet Off My Clean Systems!

How cloud-hosted browsing can complement enterprise endpoint and network security strategies.

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GDPR and the Global Compliance Push

A few facts help frame a discussion of the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR), the new EU privacy law that will go into effect on May 25.

The Catalog is Live for #CitrixSynergy: See My Top Ten List!

From a big-picture perspective, Citrix Synergy is your best opportunity to see Citrix experience, security, and choice in action. Through demos and immersive environments-and at a more granular level, the breakouts-you'll learn how they help your organization innovate, engage with customers and work better.

Citrix Cloudはじめの一歩:Citrix Cloudアカウントの作成

Citrix Cloudを評価も含めて利用開始するためにCitrix Cloudのアカウント作成する必要があります。これには下記の二通りの方法があります。 サインアップして新規にCitrix.comアカウントを作成する 既存のCitrix.comまたはMy Citrixアカウントでサインアップする Citrix.comアカウントは、Citrix.comサイトへのアクセス、ソフトウェアのダウンロード、サポートリクエストの提出、またはCitrixサポートフォーラムへの投稿に使用するアカウントです。通常、Citrix.comアカウントは会社に関連付けられています。 サインアップして新規にCitrix.comアカウントを作成する  Citrix.comアカウントをお持ちでない場合は、Citrix CloudアカウントとCitrix.comアカウントを同時に作成することができます。にアクセスして[Sign up and try it free]をクリックして下さい 。サインアップページが表示されます。 必要なフィールドに必要事項を入力して、[Continue]をクリックします。Citrix Cloudから電子メールアドレスを確認する電子メールが送信されます。数分後にメールが届かない場合は、[Resend Email]をクリックします。…

Bandwidth Guidelines for Virtualized Skype for Business

Many customers implementing Skype for Business have had to review the capacity of their network connections. Bandwidth consumption when using the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack is generally consistent with non-virtualized Skype for Business. The HDX RealTime Media Engine supports the same audio and video codecs commonly used by Skype for Business, and obeys the bandwidth restrictions configured on Skype for Business Server. One of the best ways of improving branch office connectivity for real-time audio-video is with network virtualization. With Citrix SD-WAN, bandwidth can be increased very economically by augmenting an existing MPLS link with low cost Business DSL.

Bring Your Customers, Build Pipeline, Accelerate Opportunities at #CitrixSynergy

Partners who attended Synergy last year showed a significant increase in their pipeline 90 days after the event and closed deals at a 47% higher win rate.

The Way We Work: How IT Security at Citrix Has Evolved By Embracing Hybrid Cloud Services

To illustrate how Citrix has worked through our own migration to a hybrid cloud approach to IT, I’ve been I interviewing Citrix leaders across the company to share how different teams have worked through this transition in my blog series The Way We Work.

RSM Göteborg: Solving the Productivity Puzzle with Citrix Workspace

When RSM prioritized the technical infrastructure of Citrix Workspace, enabling productivity and boosting security, their clients reaped the benefits.

What’s Next in Digital? Check Out IDG’s AGENDA 18 Conference

More than 300 IT and business leaders are gathering this week in Miami for IDG AGENDA18: The Year in Digital. Citrix will be presenting the keynote session on Wednesday, March 21st.

NEW! Secure Mail Supports OAuth-based Modern Style Authentication

Citrix Secure Mail, the number one enterprise grade e-mail application offering a business class optimized experience, now provides yet another capability to enable customers to seamlessly move their end users to Exchange Online.

New Citrix SD-WAN Release Tackles Scale

Does your solution scale? That’s one of the most frequent questions we get from companies evaluating NetScaler SD-WAN. Whether the company has 20 sites or 2000, they want to make sure that their SD-WAN network can support their current size and easily grow to accommodate their future size.

Is Your Data Traffic Management Ready for IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) got its own name for a reason. While the wildfire-like spread of this vast network…

XenMobile Unified Endpoint Management Adds Google Chrome Enterprise Support

Today, Citrix is excited to further extend our partnership with Google by announcing the availability of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) for Chrome OS.

A 3-step Guide to Simplify Your Journey to the Cloud

Think of your move to the cloud as a planned journey instead of an overnight switch. The key is to establish where you are, where you want to be and how you’ll get there with the specifics of your business, your goals, and your available resources.

Tired of Video Buffering & Limited Information Regarding the ICA Session?

Have you ever come across a situation where a video in an ICA session was just stuck in the buffering…

XenServer Plugins Collection v6

Today, I'm proud to introduce the XenServer Plugins Collection v6!

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