RSA Conference 2018: Now Matters — It’s Time to Evolve Your Security with a People-centric Approach

An essential enabler of the Citrix Secure Digital Workspace is the Secure Digital Perimeter (SDP). The SDP is a new approach that focuses on real-time user behavior and context derived from known interactions with the network, applications, and data, rather than reacting to unknown threats.

Break the Seesaw of Usability and Security

Security will become more and more important in 2018, as the number of attacks grows exponentially and becomes more sophisticated at any level of the stack.

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Cast Your Vote for the 2018 Citrix Innovation Award for Customers!

Each year in May, we gather at Citrix Synergy. We come together to celebrate the best of Citrix innovation, to…

Citrix Takes Action to Protect Its Innovation

Yesterday, Citrix filed a lawsuit against Workspot for patent infringement and false and misleading advertising.

Google and Citrix: Securing Enterprise Workspaces From Chromebooks to Cloud

Be sure to join us for the upcoming Citrix and Google webinar on Tuesday April 24th at 2pm EDT/11 am PST, moderated by IDG’s Bob Bragdon, to hear more about expanded use cases for secure mobility.

Three Citrix Innovators Honored as 2018 Channel Chiefs

Citrix is proud to announce that our own Craig Stilwell, Rafael Garzon and Neily Buff have been named as CRN's 2018 Channel Chiefs thanks to their innovative take on developing partner programs and nurturing partner success.

XenMobile, Industry Leader and… UEM Superhero?

The story that XenMobile is writing in 2018 can be likened to that of a superhero movie.

What’s New with Citrix Workspace April 2018

While we anticipate the speakers, sessions and announcements that Citrix Synergy 2018 will bring in Anaheim, May 8-10, Paul Carley steps up to the plate and give you the latest updates from Citrix Workspace.

Are the Desktop PC & Desk Phone Dead?

The desktop PC has been a workplace mainstay for 35 years, and desk telephones even longer. For most organizations, though, their remaining time is limited.

In the Future of Work, Computers Adapt to You

Join us in Anaheim at #CitrixSynergy for SYN128 "Future of work" at 10.30am on Wednesday May 9!

XenApp 6.5 EOLに伴うXenApp 7.xへの移行

このブログはCitrixのサポート部門のTom De Backerの執筆したブロク"From IMA to FMA: Where to Find XenApp 6.5 Features in XenApp & XenDesktop 7"を元に日本語翻訳加筆修正したものです。

Learn LIVE from Citrix Enterprise Architects at Synergy 2018

The newest technical learning opportunity at Citrix Synergy is a series of 30-minute Technology in Practice (TiP) sessions, presented live by Citrix Consulting Enterprise Architects.

How XenTegra Drives Sales with Citrix Synergy — And How You Can, Too

Citrix partner XenTegra has sustained nearly 100 percent annual growth over its five years in business—and Citrix Synergy is the core of its marketing strategy.

Get Ready for Tech Update at Citrix Synergy

As sure as this Minnesota winter will never end, the Tech Update is coming back to Citrix Synergy.

Citrix Cloudソリューション編 vol.1 Citrix Cloud XenApp&XenDesktopリモートPCアクセス機能による社内ファットPCの有効活用

Citrix Cloudソリューション編 このシリーズではCitrix Cloudサービスの様々なソリューションを紹介します。 リモートPCアクセス機能とは テレワークやモバイルワークの促進、パンデミックや災害時などBCP対策の一環として、多くの企業でXenApp、XenDesktopを使ったリモートアクセス環境をご利用頂いています。XenAppやXenDesktopと言えば、仮想化されたデスクトップやアプリケーションにアクセスするソリューションとのイメージを持たれている方も多いのではないでしょうか。リモートPCアクセス機能は最新のHDXテクノロジーを使い、社内にある自分の物理的なWindows PCに、どこからでも、セキュアにアクセスする為のソリューションです。 オンプレミス構成のXenDesktop環境のでリモートPCアクセス構成イメージ このリモートPCアクセス機能、製品版ではXenDesktop Enterprise Edition以上、Citrix Cloud ServiceではXenAppおよびXenDesktop Serviceに実装されています。 XenAppおよびXenDesktopサービスでのリモートPCアクセス構成イメージ 自宅のPCから社内の物理PCにアクセス Citrix Cloud XenAppおよびXenDesktop ServiceによるリモートPCアクセスソリューションの特徴…

Small Town, Big Impact: How WAGO Uses Citrix Cloud Technology to Power the Future of Work

Pascale Royal takes a look at WAGO: the third finalist for the 2018 Citrix Innovation Award. Take a look at their state-of-the art facilities in Minden, Germany, and the way they're using Citrix cloud solutions to power a better way to work.

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