We’ve always been about new ways of working

With the right digital workspace technology, you can be ready for anything

16 million cloud users. Thousands of organizations. They all rely on Citrix to power a better way to work.

When we pioneered remote access, we believed people should be able to work anywhere and in any way they need. Three decades later, that’s even more true than ever.

It’s what drives us to create technology that transcends the constraints of time, place, infrastructure, networks, and devices. And it’s the reason thousands of organizations around the world trust us to keep their apps available, their data safe, and their people productive—wherever and whenever work happens.

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As the world of work is constantly changing, we’re committed to helping organizations stay agile to new ways of working, innovate through change, and move at the speed of their own ambition. And we believe a powerful employee experience means people can claim the space they need. 

To think. To create. To Succeed.

How do we do it? By ensuring your employees always have fast, easy access to the resources they need to do their best work, no matter where the job takes them or what's happening in the world around them. 

The people behind our progress

At Citrix, we believe organizational strength stems from the success of individuals. In giving people the freedom to do what they love and be who they want to be. In whatever size, shape, or form that may take. 

40,000 Annual employee volunteer hours to assist environmental, disaster relief, and other nonprofits.

$680,000 Annual employee donations to support health, education and more—all matched by Citrix.

70+ Community ambassadors leading Corporate Citizenship programs in local offices around the world.

60 offices in 40 countries

10 self-organized, Citrix-sponsored employee resource groups to cultivate inclusion and diversity, with that number continuing to grow.

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Our leadership

Our leaders remain committed to powering new ways to work—one solution at a time.

Our culture

Our teams span multiple generations, speak 35+ languages and operate in 40+ countries.

Our commitment

As Citrix grows, so does our responsibility as corporate citizens in the communities we serve.

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