Financial IT enables business agility and workforce mobility

Citrix is trusted by banks, insurance, and investment companies worldwide to help strengthen customer relationships, increase workforce productivity, and improve business agility. Thousands of financial institutions – including the 10 largest banks, and the top 10 companies in investment, property and casualty insurance, and life insurance – rely on Citrix to drive IT innovation and gain a competitive edge.

Citrix solutions for financial services address the requirements of leaders in banking and financial services

Centralize and streamline IT operations and infrastructure

Today, IT leaders in banking and financial services are expected to do more with less. You face stiff competition and pressure for your resources. Your teams are being asked to support innovative and strategic business initiatives, but most of your budget, time and personnel get spent implementing, updating and supporting core, oftentimes legacy, systems. Citrix banking technology solutions enable IT leaders in financial services to centralize and streamline IT operations and infrastructure to reduce overhead and gain the efficiency needed to invest in initiatives that will drive revenues and enhance the customer experience.

Enhance the customer experience and enable new paths to profitability

Business leaders of financial institutions are under intense pressure to increase revenue and provide a consistent and innovative customer experience, while managing costs and a constantly evolving regulatory environment. To compete today, financial organizations need the agility to grow, shift markets, outsource, acquire and divest rapidly, while still meeting industry standards for security and compliance. Citrix solutions for banking and financial services enable your IT team to centrally deliver business critical applications and core banking systems to any facility, device or person – in a matter of days rather than weeks or months. Citrix solutions for financial services also help you better train, engage and retain distributed staff at a time when you can’t afford to lose your best people.

Ensure security of sensitive corporate data and safeguard customer information

Keeping customer information safe and corporate data secure is a big task. You face unique security and privacy-related standards, regulations and laws. The number, scope and complexity of data breaches continue to rise. Employees, staff and executives require timely, mobile access to information as they work across locations and devices, but it can’t put data at risk. Citrix solutions for banking and financial services IT empower you to address key security and compliance priorities by ensuring the right level of secure access for every individual and situation. Our secure-by-design banking technology solutions enable you to simplify security, protect intellectual property, ensure data privacy and meet PCI-DSS, FINRA, FFIEC and other compliance mandates without sacrificing workforce productivity or satisfaction.

Financial institutions rely on Citrix products to deliver a seamless and secure Mobile Workspace

What is a mobile workspace?

A mobile workspace is an always on, always connected, personalized working environment that employees of financial institutions can take with them as they work across devices, locations and networks.

The Citrix Mobile Workspace delivers this experience by securely uniting Windows, web and mobile applications, desktops, files, and services into a single workspace that’s tailored to a person’s role or business unit function. Employees like brokers, advisors, tellers, contracted staff and executives each have a single, instant point of access into every resource they require to do their jobs and deliver the best customer experience.

  Citrix Workspace Suite VMware Workspace Suite
Virtual desktop delivery
Windows application delivery Initial version
Windows application migration tools  
Mobile device management
Mobile application management and delivery
Mobile email, calendar, contacts (PIM), and web apps
Native mobile apps for note taking and Office document editing and annotation  
Enterprise file sync and share
File sync and share integration with native mobile email Limited
File sync and share integration for on-demand sync with hosted apps and desktops  
Secure remote access to apps and desktops (SSL VPN)  
Extensive single sign-on for native mobile, web, SaaS, and Windows apps
Granular app policy security controls Limited
Integrated app and desktop delivery optimization (WAN Optimization)  
Trade-up offers from existing virtualization or mobility solutions  

Deliver instant, secure access to mission-critical line of business applications and desktops, from any device

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop centralize the management and delivery of Windows applications and desktops. Now a single IT group can instantly deliver desktops and apps, even those that are legacy or custom-built, as-a-service to employees and contracted staff wherever and however they get their jobs done.

Simplify operation. Ensure zero downtime. Reduce costs.

Centrally manage, patch and update desktop images and apps in the datacenter. Employees gain real-time access to their desktops, apps and key communication tools, with a high-definition, mobile optimized experience. Data remains secure, protected through standards-based encryption, secure remote access, event logging and multi-factor authentication.

Embrace mobility without compromising data security and compliance

Citrix XenMobile is a complete enterprise mobility management solution that includes mobile device management, mobile application management and enterprise-grade productivity apps in one product. This comprehensive EMM solution improves both employee engagement and organizational performance.

IT enables mobility while maintaining the control needed to track devices, secure access to sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance.

Employees use mobile devices to securely email, share data and seamlessly access corporate intranet and client portals.

Executives access real-time business intelligence to make decisions faster.

Financial institutions embrace innovation to deliver new mobile applications.

Securely access and exchange sensitive corporate and customer data

Citrix ShareFile is a secure enterprise file sharing solution that provides offline access, email and CRM integration, making it easy to securely view and send documents, even when on-the-go. Unlike other file sharing software, ShareFile offers flexible data storage – on premises, in a secure cloud environment or a combination of both – to meet data sovereignty, compliance, performance and cost requirements.

Access, sync and securely share files within the organization, across lines of business and to third-parties and clients.

Send confidential data, financial contracts and educational resources to clients and track download statistics.

Provides instant mobile access to data on existing network file drives and SharePoint sites.

Control, optimize and secure the delivery of mission-critical applications and desktops

Citrix NetScaler optimizes, secures and controls the delivery of any financial application, virtual desktop or cloud and mobile service. With NetScaler, applications and desktops run five times faster, ensuring that mobile employees can quickly access the information needed to meet market and customer demands in real time.

Access control, auditing and reporting on usage of financial applications enables IT to manage PCI-DSS compliance, information governance and data protection.

Secure and optimize availability and performance of web properties like online banking sites.

Gain visibility into application and desktop performance and load balancing capabilities to ensure zero downtime.

Optimize service delivery to distributed branch users over the WAN with NetScaler SD-WAN.

Longstanding relationships with the partners you rely on