Financial services IT solutions

With Citrix digital workspaces, financial services institutions – banks, brokerages, investment firms and insurance companies -- can provide employees and customers with secure instant access to apps and data on any device, over any network or in any cloud environment.

Improve IT efficiency, manageability and cost control

Digital workspace solutions from Citrix make it possible to reduce the cost of operations, management and maintenance while gaining increased flexibility in resource utilization. Citrix DaaS allows you to keep desktops and apps secure and up to date. Rapidly integrate new users, lines of business, facilities, and channels in support of digital banking. Now all parts of your business including web, mobile operations, call centers, and remote and branch offices are centrally managed. The same solution that supports the organization during routine operations can ensure business continuity during unforeseen disruptions.

Protect financial data from threats

Citrix solutions help reduce the kinds of security vulnerabilities that attackers love to exploit. Citrix ZTNA provides zero trust network access to all financial apps on any device, regardless of how they are deployed. Centralized security controls such as granular policy-setting allow application policies to be defined and managed. You can restrict access based on roles, yet data protection does not compromise the user experience. Network security protects web applications from threats.

Increase business agility and flexibility

Citrix can help you manage new hires or seasonal employees by alleviating the need for imaging or delivering new laptops. Anyone from customer service reps to executive leadership can use any available device to access role-relevant apps, desktops and data. With low-cost, high-performance digital workspaces, new remote and branch offices can be deployed rapidly. IT can adapt quickly and cost-effectively to M&As, seasonal peaks and other changes in the business landscape.

Boost employee productivity and customer service

Brokers, tellers, advisors, insurance agents, call center operators and other employees can work anywhere using any device on almost any operating platform. With Citrix Application Delivery, you can deliver a superior, high-definition experience to users -- even over the challenging, high-latency networks often encountered in the financial services industry. Regardless of where they work or on what device, any company representative can build deeper, more service-centric relationships with investors and clients.

Ensure regulatory compliance and facilitate audits

Citrix DaaS keeps business-sensitive apps and data centralized in the data center or cloud of your choice rather than on endpoint devices so that authorized employees can securely access the information needed to comply with industry and government regulations. Whether data is in-motion or at-rest, it is encrypted. You can containerize and wipe data on mobile devices; restrict data sharing and copying; and segregate protected data in closely monitored restricted spaces. Citrix dramatically reduces your institution’s audit footprint.

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Citrix allows me to work wherever and whenever I need to work, with reliability as well as security. We have a competitive advantage because we are able to work anytime we need to and we provide better client service because of that.

Financial Advisor
EK Riley

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