Power sustainable IT

Reach your sustainability goals and reduce costs with Citrix

Looking for tangible ways to maximize data center capacity, reduce energy consumption, leverage carbon-neutral clouds, and limit e-waste? The Citrix platform offers many ways to support your sustainability initiatives while saving costs and enabling business continuity: Per a study by Gartner, 86% of business leaders view sustainability investments as protecting their business from disruption1.

Executive summary:

  • Reduce data center, cloud, and network resource consumption to reduce your business's carbon footprint
  • Maximize your existing resources with the Citrix platform before increasing spending on more resources
  • Deliver applications and desktops to any device to prolong the life of devices and reduce e-waste without compromising on security with Citrix


Business outcomes

Extend the life of devices

Globally, 40 million tons of electronic waste is generated every year2. Sending new employees a new, corporate-managed phone, laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and whatever other device they need contributes to this rising e-waste issue, plus it is expensive. By adopting a BYOD policy, you can reduce the amount of e-waste created by your organization and reduce costs. However, implementing a BYOD policy can introduce security concerns. With the Citrix platform, you can securely deliver corporate apps and desktops anywhere, from any device, reducing e-waste while keeping your resources secure. Citrix can also help reduce the need for duplicate devices, by making organizational resources accessible on any device, anywhere

Reduce power consumption

Data centers and data transmission networks consume 1-1.5% of electricity globally and are responsible for 1% of greenhouse gas emissions globally3 Citrix Autoscale allows you to set up intelligent schedules to manage how much data center capacity is online at what times so that you can reduce your power consumption. Turning on just the virtual machines you need not only reduces power consumption and cooling demand in your data center but also lowers your carbon footprint and saves money. Expand that model to cloud-hosted workloads and the dollar savings are tangible and meaningful to your business. NetScaler Autoscale allows you to configure your environment to scale once a certain threshold is reached so that you don’t waste money on excess resources. Citrix also empowers end users to reduce power consumption by allowing them to hibernate or shut down their cloud or data center instances on their own. Fewer virtual machines means less power, more cost savings, and less power usage.

Maximize computational resources

Another way to improve power consumption is to maximize the resources you already have, before adding new ones. The Citrix platform offers a variety of technologies that optimize CPU performance to fit more users per server without compromising on end-user experience. This includes the NetScaler feature that lets you offload SSL/TLS encryption and decryption from the application servers, which improves server performance and reduces overhead on application servers. This translates to more users supported on your existing resources, without having to increase power consumption or spending on computing resources. 


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