Manufacturing IT solutions

Citrix digital workspace solutions for manufacturing provide globally disbursed R&D, plant floor and distribution teams with secure access to the information required to speed time to market.

Deliver real-time information at any point in the manufacturing process

As an IT leader, you are expected to support strategic manufacturing business initiatives such as speeding global service delivery or driving consistent up-time for workers. Citrix DaaS enables you to deliver digital workspace technology that centralizes and streamlines IT operations and reduces your physical infrastructure. This leads to reduced overhead and increased efficiency. Now you can decrease downtime, meet or exceed manufacturing production schedules, empower on-site and remote workers and quickly scale to address peaks in annual production.

Improve IT efficiency, manageability and cost control

Digital workspace solutions from Citrix make it possible to reduce the cost of supporting manufacturing operations.
You can centrally-manage applications that support all parts of your business including web, mobile operations, call centers, and plant locations. The same solution that supports the organization during routine operations can be used to ensure business continuity during unforeseen disruptions.

Increase business agility and flexibility

By alleviating the need for imaging or delivering new laptops, Citrix can help you manage new hires or seasonal employees brought on to facilitate peaks in manufacturing. Anyone from line workers to executive leadership can use any available device to access role-relevant apps, desktops, and data. With low-cost, high-performance digital workspaces, new plants can be deployed rapidly and production line questions can be communicated to office staff expediently.

Enhance productivity and support mobility

Manufacturing business leaders are under intense pressure to drive competitive advantage in all parts of the business. Citrix provides flexible intuitive technology that can be used by your globally-disbursed workforce with vastly divergent job roles and skill sets. With Citrix Application Delivery, you can deliver a superior, high-definition experience to users -- even over challenging, high-latency networks.

Citrix enables your IT team to centralize IT and deliver business critical applications and digital workspaces to any worker at any time. Citrix DaaS also supports the 3D apps that manufacturers rely on. With readily-available information, you can accelerate product launches and drive greater competitive advantage.

Protect proprietary data from threats

Citrix DaaS allows you to keep desktops and apps secure and up to date. You can protect the kinds of proprietary designs and production strategies that are a big part of manufacturing. Citrix ZTNA provides zero trust network access to all apps on any device, regardless of how they are deployed. Centralized, granular security controls allow application policies to be defined and managed. You can restrict access based on roles in the manufacturing process, for example, plant workers to facility managers, yet you won’t compromise the users’ digital workspace experiences. Even after access is granted, robust security protects web, SaaS and other applications from threats.

Leading manufacturer delivers high-performing apps 

See how McWane has adopted Citrix solutions to deliver content to device, in any location, without sacrificing security.

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Using Citrix, we can grow by opening offices much faster. In the past, it would take two months, but today we only need two weeks.

Marcelo Diaz
Corporate Head of Information Technology

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