Empower a hybrid workforce

Boost flexibility—and maintain security—in any hybrid work environment

Hybrid work is here to stay, but as work locations shift from office, to remote, to hybrid, IT has a big challenge to overcome. How do you maintain security when employees work in multiple locations, from multiple devices, accessing multiple types of applications? That’s where the Citrix platform comes in.  With Zero Trust application access, app and desktop virtualization (VDI and DaaS), and advanced, contextual security policies, it’s easy for you to provide secure access to the IT-sanctioned applications users need to stay productive, wherever they are.

Executive summary:

  • IT is responsible for keeping people connected to the data and resources they need from anywhere—without compromising security
  • Citrix App and Desktop Virtualization simplifies the process of delivering Windows, Linux, web and SaaS apps, and desktops to employees.
  • Traditional solutions for remote work are hard to scale, but zero trust solutions provide secure, scalable access
  • Citrix Secure Private Access automatically adapts access based on device posture and risk factors, without compromising the user experience.


Business outcomes

Increase remote work security

With almost 7 in 10 employees using personal devices on networks IT can’t secure, protecting corporate data and apps is more problematic than ever1. In many cases, traditional VPN solutions don’t support secure logins from personal devices, further exposing the company to risk. NetScaler is the most secure way to provide your end users with access to Citrix virtual apps and desktops. When deployed as a proxy, NetScaler provides encrypted access across the WAN/internet as well as an air-gapped, controlled mechanism of access that protects sensitive data on your back-end servers both on-premises and in the cloud.

Unlike traditional VPNs, which require constant device management, NetScaler uses adaptive authentication that automatically adjusts access based on where and how apps are used on different devices or networks. As a gateway, NetScaler provides a single, externally available log-in portal and access controls for users who are using their own devices.

Simplify resource scaling

When it comes to the digital work experience, traditional solutions fall short because they overburden the corporate network and affect application performance. Technologies like VPNs can be hard to scale, which is an issue for temporary contractors, seasonal staff, and mergers and acquisitions that increase the need for rapid deployments. Quickly accommodate new members of your hybrid workforce with Citrix and NetScaler, which can scale up and down on demand, while providing high-performance load balancing, and Zero Trust access to all corporate apps—web, SaaS, virtual, and more. Whether you need to support 100 or 10,000 remote users, each one will have reliable access to apps and data while you keep resources secure.

Authenticate based on context

With many remote access solutions, user and device context are evaluated only at login. Once authenticated, a user has full access to applications and network resources. There's no way to identify when stolen credentials or misuse of privileges may be at play, even though these account for 74% of data breaches2. In contrast, Citrix scans devices both before and after a session is established while NetScaler provides authentication, authorization, and auditing capabilities and instant visibility into authentication failures. The platform also enables single sign-on, providing an additional layer of security without affecting application performance. IT admins can define how a user is authenticated and authorized based on contextual results, such as location and device posture, as well as the user’s risk profile.

Improve the user experience

There’s more to flexible work than keeping data secure—you need to support an enhanced user experience and productive environment, too. Slow applications impact productivity across an organization and many employees have a lower quality experience when working in a hybrid environment. The Citrix platform is purpose-built to deliver high performance, whether that’s through best-in-class HDX remoting protocol technologies, ultra-low-latency NetScaler performance, or new Enterprise Browser experiences that are as simple and intuitive as any endpoint web browser.


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