Community Impact

Read our 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Year in Review. It provides a recap of our Corporate Citizenship efforts as well as a more comprehensive overview of our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging programs, our Sustainability metrics, and our Supplier Diversity initiatives. 

In light of the ongoing pandemic, our employees continued to raise the bar of community stewardship by supporting our global communities and those most in need. They maintained connections with each other through giving, volunteering, and advancing our diversity and sustainability initiatives. To support employees facing hardships, we established the Citrix Employee Relief Fund that offers financial assistance to global Citrites experiencing personal emergencies or disasters. Citrix contributes to this fund and matches employee donations to the fund. Our employees are leading with our values to create meaningful change around the world.

We are inclusive, embrace empathy, and deeply value our differences

We are accountable, honest, and ethical

We are aspirational, continuously learn, and innovate

We dream big, share our voices, and take calculated risks

We trust each other, collaborate, and win together

Creating Change Together

We strive to support our global communities through our people, our partners, and our technology. Our strategic focus supports three main themes: Education, Equity, and the Environment. Our efforts are aimed at ensuring inclusivity and equitable quality education for all. We are committed to empowering marginalized communities with access to technology to narrow the digital divide. Our environmental efforts redefine how the future of work offers sustainability opportunities for the planet, our business, and our society.

Read the 2021 Citrix Corporate Social Responsibility Year in Review

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India

In compliance with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, Section 135 and Schedule VII of the Companies Act as well as the provisions of the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014, Citrix India (Citrix R&D India Private Limited and Citrix Systems India Private Limited) has contributed approximately 1,389,627 USD to help communities in need. Since the financial year 2016-17, we have created meaningful and measurable impact in the areas of education, healthcare, environment and sustainability, disability programs, childcare, women empowerment programs, women in tech, tech incubators, and support for Olympic athletes across marginalized states of the country. 

Testimonials from Charity Partners

COVID-19 response

As COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to impact people and organizations around the world, the health and safety of Citrix employees, customers, partners, and communities remain our top priority. Especially hard hit in 2021 by a second way of the virus were employees in our Bangalore, India, office. In true Citrix fashion, we responded by setting up a special employee relief campaign and provided those in need with funding. Over 141,000 USD was contributed from both Citrix and employee donations. The significant impact of these donations are shown in the metrics below: 

  • Relief packages for 500 transgender families
  • 140 oxygen cylinders, 15 oxygen concentrators, and protective equipment for the COVID care units across 15 hospitals 
  • Vaccinations for 3,000 individuals from marginalized communities including transgender, homeless, disabled, daily wagers, etc. 
  • Support for Livelihood Generation Projects to support single mothers and underserved youth
  • Seed grants to 100 women farmers to revive agriculture
  • Higher education scholarships for 50 students and youth