Improving application performance and security 

Deliver highly performant and secure applications in any environment 

NetScaler is an application delivery and security platform that provides advanced load balancing, comprehensive security, and so much more for your Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop deployments. Because NetScaler is included in your Citrix subscription and works the same regardless of the application and environment, you can easily extend your use of NetScaler to all types of application delivery.

Executive summary:

  • Built into the Citrix platform, NetScaler provides seamless application delivery and secure remote access for Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop deployments
  • NetScaler comes included with your Citrix subscription, so you can consolidate application delivery and security across your enterprise with a single solution for cost savings and operational consistency
  • NetScaler is the only application delivery controller (ADC) that uses a single code base and software-based architecture, so it works the same with any application in any environment to reduce the cognitive load on IT teams
  • Only NetScaler uses a one-pass architecture for traffic processing to perform many functions simultaneously — including security inspections  — which reduces latency and improves application performance 


NetScaler for Citrix deployments

Improve application performance with high-performance load balancing

Few companies today can function without high-performing applications. Load balancing is a critical component of modern application delivery infrastructure and plays an essential role in ensuring that applications are highly performant. Only NetScaler uses a one-pass architecture for traffic processing that enables it to perform many functions simultaneously to reduce latency and improve performance. Independent benchmarking confirms that NetScaler outperforms its competitors in every test for latency, throughput, and CPU utilization.

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Ensure secure remote access and granular security control

With NetScaler, you can enable your workforce to securely access their virtual desktops and applications from anywhere, on any device, and across any network. NetScaler acts as a gateway to provide a single, externally available log-in portal and access controls for users who are using their own devices (BYOD). NetScaler also prevents access to unauthorized applications and resources by validating the user’s identity and environment and dynamically assessing the client’s security posture.

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Flexibly deploy applications across hybrid cloud

NetScaler works the same on cloud as it does on-premises: You use the same management plane and configuration commands for your ADCs no matter where you host your application. Other solutions lack feature parity across environments and force you to use multiple management consoles, resulting in more management overhead. From a single NetScaler Console, you can configure once and quickly deploy everywhere. This capability enables your team to easily deploy and manage cloud services on your infrastructure, extend your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, and distribute traffic across your hybrid cloud environment with global server load balancing. Native load balancing solutions from cloud providers don’t account for internet latency or work as well for hybrid cloud deployments as NetScaler.

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NetScaler for any application deployment

Improve the performance of monolithic and microservices applications

NetScaler works the same for modern cloud native applications as it does for traditional three-tier applications when it comes to ensuring optimal application performance. And only NetScaler offers a containerized ADC for faster application performance: The fully automated proxy and ingress controller for Kubernetes environments runs as a container within a Kubernetes cluster and converts any microservices-based application's ingress definitions into NetScaler ADC configurations.

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Achieve comprehensive application and API security with no performance hit

IT teams often integrate security inspections into their ADCs to protect applications from attack, but layers of security introduce long delays, which can degrade application performance. NetScaler uses a one-pass architecture for traffic processing that enables it to perform many functions simultaneously — including security inspections  — which reduces latency and improves performance. This particularly applies to WAF inspection, where the latency of each request can be significantly reduced. And with NetScaler's Kubernetes ingress capabilities, you can easily secure and accelerate ingress traffic for one or multiple Kubernetes clusters.

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Reduce cloud native complexity by standardizing on NetScaler

Use familiar NetScaler capabilities in your Kubernetes environment to deploy containerized workloads with all the application performance benefits and support you won’t get using open source solutions. To reduce the complexity of managing cloud native application deployments, standardize on NetScaler for microservices load balancing, service discovery, and security to eliminate the sprawl of disparate reverse proxies, ingress controllers, and load balancers. 

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