Everything you need for your application delivery infrastructure

Enterprise-grade capabilities with enterprise-wide access, all in one platform

From virtualization and networking to ZTNA and security, you need a comprehensive infrastructure to successfully enable your employees. The Citrix platform delivers everything you need to securely enable high-performance access to enterprise applications. The Citrix platform is a complete offering with virtual apps and desktops, Zero Trust access, and high-performance secure application delivery, all with end-to-end observability.

Leveraging the Citrix platform enables global enterprises to simplify complex, multi-vendor environments, maximize value and focus on the skill sets needed for successful application delivery infrastructure.

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Delivering what you need for your entire workforce

With the Citrix platform, you can deliver, monitor, and manage secure access to enterprise content to any user on any device. The Citrix platform is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution, which includes unparalleled Citrix and NetScaler capabilities.

Platform by the numbers


of the Fortune 500 use Citrix


of internet users go through a NetScaler every day


improve time to resolve outages by 67% with Citrix observability

App and Desktop Virtualization

Deliver virtual apps and desktops from any location

Deploy resources in any location that works best for your business - whether it’s on-premises or in public cloud. With our world-class flexibility, you can deploy in Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or any number of hypervisor platforms. Manage them all seamlessly side-by-side with a unified management plane. Deliver an exceptional user experience no matter where or how your users access the environment with our flagship HDX technology.

App Delivery Controller             

Leverage high-performance networking, application delivery, and secure access

Protect internet-facing and internal applications via NetScaler technology with granular security controls to grant and restrict access. With industry-leading one-pass architecture, NetScaler can perform many functions simultaneously to reduce latency and improve performance. Deliver applications globally and at scale with auto-scaling and global load balancing to ensure top of the line performance.

Zero Trust access

Deliver zero trust network access (ZTNA) to all IT-sanctioned apps

Replace your antiquated VPN with ZTNA. Implement ZTNA with adaptive access to all IT-sanctioned apps—web, SaaS, and client-server—whether they’re deployed on premises or in the cloud. Citrix solutions are built for the enterprise by isolating web browsing to securing web and SaaS apps. Provide secure least privilege access via secure Enterprise Browser with single sign-on and a unified portal to all work apps.

Endpoint security

Support employee mobility on any device while securing crucial data

Empower IT to manage and grant context-aware and action-oriented secure application access. Offer device freedom to your end users to maximize user productivity and mobility to get their work done from anywhere. Enable employees while keeping sensitive data off unauthorized devices and keeping it secure with controls based on user context, like role, location, or device.


Integrate deep, actionable insights into your Citrix environment

Streamline monitoring and troubleshooting across complex and hybrid Citrix landscapes and help improve your security posture with actionable data and security policies. With Citrix observability capabilities, you can also enhance user experience while decreasing service costs and boost support efficiency - all while reducing time to resolution and improving troubleshooting accuracy.


Deploy your workloads on the hypervisor optimized for Citrix

XenServer is the only hypervisor platform optimized for the Citrix platform. With seamless feature integration at every level, XenServer leverages hardware-level functionalities to deliver a high-definition user experience, enhanced security, and streamlined operational management.

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