uberAgent brings new insights to the Citrix platform

Improve user experience and security

With uberAgent, IT administrators and architects get rich metrics for physical and virtual Windows and MacOS client or server operating systems. The lightweight agent provides detailed information about boot and logon duration, process startup duration, application unresponsiveness detection, application usage metering, network reliability details, and remoting protocol insights. uberAgent scales from small single-site deployments to distributed worldwide infrastructures of any size, with individual deployments of 250,000 users and a total of 1.5 million users under management.

Integrated with Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud, and other similar systems, uberAgent offers a variety of use case-focused dashboards, such as the uberAgent ESA for threat detection, or the uberAgent Helpdesk formatted for support technicians.

Whether you are using app and desktop virtualization, NetScaler, web and SaaS applications within the browser, or any other Citrix platform capability, uberAgent tracks reliability and performance along with deep security visibility.

Deep insights across your whole enterprise

Monitor a wide range of metrics across your environment with one lightweight agent

Troubleshoot and optimize slow logons

Slow logons are the number one contributor to poor user experience. With uberAgent, you can diagnose, troubleshoot, and optimize logons with data that shows you exactly how long each logon takes and where that time is spent, which could be in loading the user profile, processing group policy, or running logon scripts. This data helps you see the impact that policies like folder redirection have on logon performance and lets you analyze data from hundreds of endpoints.

Monitor Citrix sites

You want insights into your Citrix site, and uberAgent delivers. Once you add uberAgent you can automatically activate additional metrics like machine registration status, license usage, and published application inventory. Site monitoring capabilities collect this additional data on published applications, databases, desktops, desktop groups, hypervisors, licenses, machines, and machine catalogs. This data is directly available inside of Splunk and can be analyzed alongside metrics from other solutions for deeper insights into business intelligence, licensing, machine adoption, and more.

Plan for size and capacity changes

Do you know the maximum number of users each of your servers can host with acceptable performance? Have you considered if changing network conditions or a variety of different endpoints are affecting this performance? You may have found out the hard way how many are too many – but how many are just right? With uberAgent, you can spot bottlenecks and plan for optimized resource utilization, simplifying Citrix app and desktop virtualization sizing. You’ll also get a detailed view of your environment with data like the footprint of the average user, resource usage per application, and the impact of individual websites on your systems’ resources.

Track application usage

Gain insight into which applications are installed on all of your machines, which of those are actually used, and how many users each application has. This data helps you find which applications are over-licensed and what version of the application you’re running, and gives you insight into what applications users have installed on their desktops. With those answers, you can better plan and size your applications.

Increase IT security

With cyberattacks on the rise, your business could be at risk. Protecting your business from malware and detecting sophisticated attacks requires granular application and user activity data. The Activity Monitoring Engine from uberAgent detects threats and risky behavior. This includes tracing every process, analyzing call chains, mapping network connections, and more.

See how Citrix insights help

Protect sensitive business information

Secure your employees, IT environment, and content with analytics intelligence.

Deliver incredible experiences to users on any device

Elevate the user experience when delivering virtual apps and desktops, even over challenging networks.


Citrix uberAgent Monitoring

User behavior analytics for proactive security insights
Solution brief
The actionable insights you need to detect and prevent security threats


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