Citrix enhances security and mobility for healthcare

Healthcare IT solutions from Citrix provide clinicians with seamless, instant access to patient information as they roam across facilities, devices and networks.

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Citrix solutions for healthcare simplify security, protect intellectual property, ensure data privacy and help IT meet HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliance mandates without compromising clinician productivity or satisfaction.

Instant anytime access to electronic health records (EHR)

Centrally manage EHR apps in the datacenter, enabling easier app updates, simpler compliance and instant access by clinicians using any device.

Secure mobile patient care

Embrace mobile devices and mHealth apps while maintaining the control needed to track devices, restrict access to sensitive data and ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS and corporate policies.

Unified delivery of clinical and non-clinical apps

Efficiently deliver both clinical and business applications to people working across distributed facilities, including everything from care coordination tools to revenue cycle management applications.

With our current environment, we can deliver our EMR system, dictation software, imaging viewers and more to thousands of clinicians and staff wherever they are. We can remotely wipe mobile devices if they’re lost or stolen. And best of all, the whole thing is entirely seamless to our end users. Most of them don’t know how it happens – they just know that it works.

Linda Shanley
Vice President and CIO
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

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