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Securely deliver apps and data to a mobile government workforce Citrix platform. Improve efficiency while cutting operational costs and enhancing user experience.

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Government-specific subscription

With the Citrix Universal Hybrid Multi-Cloud for Government subscription, you gain all of the capabilities of Citrix Universal Hybrid Multi-Cloud plus added functionalities specific to government agencies. This subscription includes Citrix Cloud Government and meets requirements for FedRAMP, Common Criteria, Accessibility, and other compliance standards. Additionally, all products are tested in Sequoia Combine for air-gapped and sovereign cloud compatibility. 

US-based support

Citrix offers 24/7 CONUS-based support, staffed with US citizens specially trained in government security, protocol, and policy requirements. Government organizations in the program will be routed directly to US-based resources that will not ask for logs, they will not expect you to upgrade right away (unless it is a critical patch), and they will establish a mode of communication that works for your situation.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops secure environment management

Citrix has consultants with every level of government clearance to manage your infrastructure. Citrix consultants can architect, build, deploy, and manage your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment on any government cloud including unclassified government clouds, classified/air-gapped clouds, sovereign clouds, private clouds, or hybrid clouds. With Citrix, governments can get the simplicity of Citrix consultants handling the patching, updates, and day-to-day monitoring, while IT focuses on innovation.

White-glove program for government agencies

Citrix Public Sector resources will be on hand to assist with onboarding to Citrix Cloud Government (CCG), all the way through Authorization to Operate (ATO). With the White-glove program, Citrix resources are here to help your organization with everything from the Studio console to the MAX portal. Additionally, organizations can extend the White-glove program to include proof-of-concept setups for new CCG features and have Citrix aid in adding the features to your ATO package. 

Securely deliver mission-critical apps and data

Citrix transforms the government workplace with solutions that protect confidential data and guard agencies against cyber threats. Apps and associated data remain in the data center, where they are accessed through granular, policy-based user authentication. This level of access control, along with auditing and reporting capabilities enables IT to manage compliance, information governance, and data protection.

Reduce operating costs and increase sustainability

Citrix helps departments centralize app and desktop management to decrease operational costs and become more energy efficient. From provisioning desktops and applications centrally in a matter of minutes to greatly extending the life of devices, Citrix solutions deliver significant cost and sustainability benefits for government agencies.

Enable a mobile government workforce

Deliver seamless mobile access to desktops to improve efficiency and productivity. Real-time network and performance optimization technologies like Citrix HDX provide a fast, reliable, and quality experience regardless of location, device, or network connection.

Simplify adoption of cloud and next-generation networking

Maintain high availability and quality of service for the home office, branch offices, and mobile workers. Regardless of where the applications and data reside – hybrid, on-premises, or multi-cloud environments – you can securely connect users to what they need.

Cloud services for Government

With Citrix Cloud Government, deploy, manage, and optimize workloads on any government-grade infrastructure


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