Manage onboarding and offboarding

Increase speed and agility for mergers, seasonal staffing, and contractor management

For new workers to be productive, they need immediate access to apps and data; and for organizations to keep data safe, they need instant disabling of access as well. But onboarding and offboarding hundreds or thousands of users comes with all kinds of challenges—especially at a time when many companies are going through mergers, consolidations, or managing a global workforce. An estimated 70% of IT leaders have seen a surge in help desk tickets when supporting off-site employees, with slow internet connections, VPN issues, and poor video calls most often to blame1. To onboard and offboard employees faster, you need technology that empowers IT to gain a competitive edge.

Executive summary:

  • When your company needs to onboard and offboard users fast, having the right technology platform is key
  • By rapidly deploying IT resources to new users, businesses can stay productive during mergers, acquisitions, and peak seasons
  • By centralizing workloads in the data center or cloud and delivering with the Citrix platform, IT can provide high-performing desktop, web, or SaaS access to global employees
  • Citrix and NetScaler solutions streamline the provisioning of secure virtual apps and desktops while providing an optimal experience for your workforce


Business outcomes

Deploy fast

Across industries, record-setting M&A activity is creating the need to integrate teams across multiple locations2. You need to onboard a lot of new users fast—and you don’t have the luxury of doing it in person. With Citrix, you won’t have to. Give new hires access to virtual apps and desktops that you can provision and deprovision as needed. By implementing zero trust network access (ZTNA) to validate the user’s identity and environment and dynamically assess the client’s security posture, your temporary or remote staff can also use their own devices, enabling them to be productive more quickly.

Simply configure the security settings that work best for your business then rapidly deploy IT resources to every device and user, regardless of location, network, or site. You can also easily offboard seasonal or contract workers with Citrix, without leaving any data behind on the endpoint.

Security and performance delivered together

There’s more to employee onboarding and offboarding than just speed of enabling application access, you also need to protect applications and data. But too often, users see security controls as a source of frustration that drives down productivity. In a study by Gartner, 69% of employees have bypassed their organization’s security guidance in the past year, and 72% would be willing to do so if it helped their team reach a goal3. Citrix solves this problem by improving both security and experience at the same time.

The centralization of apps and data provides inherent security benefits. Unique Citrix technologies like Adaptive Authentication let you adjust how users are authorized to access apps based on actual risk factors, while advanced analytics keep you ahead of security and performance issues. Citrix Enterprise Browser is a native browser that can efficiently deliver modern web apps and functions just like a consumer browser, but with more security controls. When you deploy resource-intensive applications with Citrix, specialized HDX technology ensures graphics, voice, and video stay smooth and engaging no matter what.

Improved business continuity for any challenge

Adapting to variable working conditions can be a daunting challenge for IT and this is where the Citrix platform excels. While there’s no way to know when a sudden or unplanned office closure or event will accelerate the need to quickly pivot to remote work, it is possible to be prepared. Citrix DaaS and Citrix Secure Private Access let you get users up and running with business-critical applications within hours—with minimal infrastructure needed. Your employees will have fast, secure access from any device or network while you keep sensitive data secure.


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