Replace your VPN with Zero Trust access to enterprise apps

Keep your applications secure and your hybrid workforce productive

If you have hybrid or remote workers, they may be using unmanaged devices to access corporate resources. The VPN-centric approach you once relied on to keep data secure is no longer enough. The Citrix platform delivers Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) with adaptive access to all IT-sanctioned apps—web, SaaS, and client-server—whether they’re deployed on-premises or in the cloud. So you can prevent network-level attacks. And provide a better end-user experience, too.

Safeguard your business data without limiting access

Zero trust access for users to all IT-sanctioned apps on any device

Prevent unauthorized access—and eliminate threats—from unmanaged and BYOD devices

Traditional security approaches extend the corporate network to users. But with today’s hybrid workforce, this leaves your resources highly susceptible to attacks. The security capabilities of the Citrix Platform are different. It connects your users at the application level, making it easy to improve your security posture in a remote-first world. You can replace your VPN with cloud or on-premises delivered ZTNA via Secure Private Access to create a successful third-party device or BYOD program. Use adaptive authentication and adaptive access policies based on device posture, location, and risk scores to enable users of all types. Your employees get to the resources they need, on devices outside your scope of control. You keep data secure.

Citrix Secure Private Access security logging and troubleshooting

Keep applications secure always

Protect access to any SaaS, web, or enterprise application with adaptive authentication and adaptive access policies to evaluate throughout each user session.

Citrix Secure Private Access adaptive access

Set policies based on risk factors

Go beyond single sign-on and multi-factor authentication with advanced security controls—ones that are enforced automatically based on device posture and risk factors.

Citrix Secure Private Access security multi-factor authentication actions

Defend against malware

Easily defend against malware on any device with advanced protection to defeat keyloggers, disable screen captures, prevent copying, and more.

Citrix Secure Private Access workspace app protection configuration

Secure browsing for your enterprise

Use the locally installed enterprise browser to provide a friction-free end-user experience while easily enforcing security controls, such as watermarking, clipboard restrictions, and more. With Remote Browser Isolation, separate browsing by utilizing one-time isolated browser sessions in the cloud.

Citrix Secure Private Access enterprise browser


Simplify and secure access to all applications

International agency increases scalability with Citrix secure access solutions

When HDI experienced a rapid increase in remote workers, IT faced an important decision: Increase investments in servers and virtual machines, or find a better way to securely deliver apps? With Citrix, the company was able to securely support unmanaged and BYO devices—no additional infrastructure needed.

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Gilliard Delmiro

With Citrix, we have found a way to increase productivity and deliver a better employee experience. We’ve made remote work more secure.

See what you can achieve with the Citrix platform

Protect sensitive business information

Secure your employees, IT environment, and content with analytics intelligence.

Deliver incredible experiences to users on any device

Elevate the user experience when delivering virtual apps and desktops, even over challenging networks.

Simplify device flexibility

Protect sensitive data on any device, enhancing productivity while protecting the corporate IP.


Citrix Secure Private Access

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Citrix Secure Private Access


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