Enhance your Azure Virtual Desktop environment with the Citrix Optimization Pack

Boost performance while reducing costs

Looking to deliver the best experience possible with Azure Virtual Desktop? That’s what the Citrix Optimization Pack is for. Add it to your Azure Virtual Desktop environment to improve performance, scalability, management, security, and more—all while delivering an incredible user experience and driving down TCO. Based on proven Workspace Environment Management features, the optimization pack easily integrates within your native Azure Virtual Desktop deployment to deliver tangible benefits regardless of workload size or type.

Boost productivity and performance

Start users off right every day with faster logon times to Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop. By applying logon-related configuration and delaying unessential processes until after logon, you can decrease logon times by up to 60%* to improve user experience and productivity. And with enterprise security controls, you can protect your desktops and deliver a unified experience across all user desktops.

Optimize resource management

Give users what they need when they need it with intelligent resource management. The Workspace Environment Management agent monitors and analyzes user and application behavior within the session, in real time, to improve application responsiveness without affecting the performance of other users. Fair sharing of resources among multiple sessions on the same host VM keeps users productive and reduces help desk calls on slow-performing applications.

Realize fast, tangible ROI

Maximize user density to support more users with the same budget—or reduce your overall capacity requirements. By maximizing utilization of cloud resources and increasing overall user density on shared multi-user hosts (such as Windows 10/11 multi-session), you can increase session density by up to 15%. So you can support 15% more users for the same cost* or recognize the savings in your computing spend. And through VM power management, you can reduce cloud compute spend as much as 54%*.

*Based on Citrix internal testing. Actual results may vary.

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Get all the same benefits as Azure Virtual Desktop, plus enterprise-level security and performance optimizations, while driving down your overall costs.

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