Enable secure productivity in the cloud with Office 365 and Citrix

Enterprises are rapidly adopting Microsoft Office 365 to lower infrastructure costs and increase flexibility. However, not every use case can be satisfied with an online version of Office. Together, Citrix and Microsoft redefine the way enterprises deliver a superior Office 365 employee experience — across any device, any platform, and any use case — with increased security and management. Enable enhanced employee experience, drive engagement, and increase productivity.

Citrix digital workspace solutions,, when integrated with Office 365, provides users with optimized deployments when a local install is required. By also leveraging Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service), Office 365 users can access, edit, and share data anywhere, even if stored in OneDrive, SharePoint, or a network share. In combination with Microsoft Azure intelligent cloud with intelligent edge efficacy, everyday work tasks can be completed more quickly—freeing up time for talent to focus on more dedicated projects spurring innovation and leading to greater employee satisfaction.

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Microsoft Teams gives users a platform to chat, meet, share files, and work in Office 365. Citrix HDX optimization for Microsoft Teams gives users the best possible Teams experience within a virtualized or cloud-hosted application or desktop. The Citrix built-in HDX Media Engine provides a high definition user experience with clear VoIP calls, unbuffered video, and uninterrupted screen sharing—whether the user is on a local network, mobile network, or high-latency wide-area network.

The Citrix optimization for Microsoft Teams solution was developed with and endorsed by Microsoft—enabling a secure unified communications platform—so that you can provide unified communications with the performance of a local installation and the security and simplicity of a virtual app. For web-based Teams, Citrix leverages Browser Content Redirection (BCR) on the VDA and a new browser embedded within Citrix Workspace app on the endpoint. In addition, server scalability is increased as the Teams instances consume less CPU on the VDAs.

Microsoft 365 comes equipped with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune) and Microsoft Security Graph API—allowing developers to integrate services with Office 365. With Citrix secure access solutions IT can leverage 200+ MDM and 70+ MAM policies for non-Office 365 applications that trigger automated actions based on how, when, and where users are accessing apps and data. By adding Citrix secure access solutions to your Microsoft UEM platform, IT can enable remote workers, secure devices, and deliver all the apps your employees need to do their jobs, including seamless integration of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft and Citrix provide the optimal mix of security, policy compliance, and management solutions through single sign-on identity and access management with Azure Active Directory, AI and machine learning predictive analytics, and analysis of user behavior to detect potential threats. With Citrix, IT can proactively manage security threats in today's distributed, multi-cloud, and multi-device environments — delivering a more secure intelligent cloud.

The integration of Office 365 and Citrix content collaboration solutions helps modernize IT while providing additional security and data compliance. By connecting to multiple cloud repositories as well as legacy network shares, IT can avoid costly migration projects. Extending the value of Office365, Citrix streamlines existing workflows and access to OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint, in virtualized environments. It also eliminates threats of consumer file-sharing by providing IT with a comprehensive set of data protection features. Co-author documents with colleagues or external collaborators in real time to ensure a “single point of truth” and simplify the approval process of electronic signatures. With Citrix content collaboration solutions and Office 365, you’ll increase document and data security and enhance employee productivity, all while having the flexibility of data source choice.

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