Customers succeed with Citrix and Microsoft

Cloud-first global energy company Centrica gains scalability and sustainability

Centrica plc is an international energy services and solutions company with locations all around the world, ranging from customer contact centers to energy traders working in the financial markets. A cloud-first strategy enables the business to deliver agility and sustainability.

Nudie Jeans supports its sustainable denim with greener IT

Nudie Jeans is an internationally acclaimed brand specializing in sustainably sourced and produced denim. The company takes pride in its socially and environmentally responsible production process and operations. Dedicated to a “wear, tear and repair mindset,” rather than fast fashion, it operates repair and re-use centers for its jeans.

We work with partners who share our core values and who have a strong sustainability strategy. Using Citrix contributes to sustainability. The fact that equipment has the longest possible life is an important part of our sustainability work.
Sandra Hansson
IT and Systems Manager
Nudie Jeans Marketing AB

Holistic, real-time information improves results for Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

Delivering healthcare at the right place and time is essential for better patient outcomes. Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust’s smart use of technology makes it possible to deliver care at the point of need, even during a pandemic lockdown.

Northumbria University gives students the resources they need wherever they are

One of the UK’s top universities chose Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) to deliver a powerful and familiar desktop experience to students and staff, on campus or off.

With Citrix and Microsoft we have the platform to take forward and support new ways of teaching and learning. It allows us more flexibility and efficiency in the use of resources, it gives students greater choice, and it lays a foundation for future productivity benefits.
Simon Corbett
IT Director
Northumbria University

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