Customers succeed with Citrix and Microsoft

Atea Denmark enables faster access to apps and data in the cloud

Atea Denmark is the leading Nordic and Baltic supplier of IT infrastructure. Nordic Aviation Capital, An Atea customer, is the global leader in regional aircraft leasing, with over 170 employees operating across 10 locations globally and a fleet of over 350 aircraft. Nordic Aviation Capital was the first in the world to use Citrix Virtual Apps servers in Microsoft Azure, in different data centers around the world. The solution has resulted in more data in the cloud and faster access for employees worldwide.

Boskalis delivers flexible, secure access to apps and data anytime and anywhere

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading global services provider operating in the dredging, maritime infrastructure and maritime services sectors. With a versatile fleet of more than 900 vessels and floating equipment and 11,700 employees, including associated companies, Boskalis operates in 90 countries across six continents. The company made a strategic decision to offer IT services using a Citrix-Microsoft Azure cloud solution, enabling secure access to apps and data anytime, anywhere their employees need to travel to work.

Qatar Gas Transport Company connects locations, partners, and ships with Citrix

Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd., known as Nakilat, has 63 liquid natural gas ships and four liquid petroleum gas ships that operate as a “floating pipeline” carrying Qatari gas around the world. The fleet represents 15 percent of total world carrying capacity. Secure and reliable data communications are essential when you have the world’s largest fleet of vessels for transporting liquid natural gas. Citrix and Azure provide secure access to hybrid cloud and on-premises resources.

Our users love it. Whatever device they are using, they get the same familiar interface. Access to anything we publish from our data centre is secured by NetScaler (Citrix ADC), and any cloud resources are secured by NetScaler (Citrix ADC) working with Azure ID Management.
Hamad Suwaid
Information Technology Manager
Qatar Gas Transport Company (Nakilat)

MOQdigital delivers greater access, performance, and flexibility to scale on demand

MOQdigital is an Australian provider of IT services and solutions. Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), one of their customers, is a diversified alternative investment firm dedicated to delivering outcomes for clients. MOQdigital, together with Citrix, designed a cloud-based architecture for QIC to support rapid expansion, scale internationally, and provide anytime anywhere access for their people.

Coretek developed a global solution to accelerate time to market

Coretek Services is an IT consulting company, systems integrator and managed services provider. Wolverine Worldwide, a Coretek customer, is one of the world’s leading footwear and apparel distributors, providing marketing and licensing for iconic brands including Keds, Sperry, and more. Working with Citrix and Microsoft, Coretek developed a global solution for virtualized 3D apps hosted in Azure, that helps Wolverine accelerate time to market for new consumer products.