Achieve more with Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop

Take your virtual apps and desktops to new levels of IT agility

In today’s complex world of hybrid work and hybrid cloud environments, organizations everywhere are working to achieve greater IT agility. And many are looking into Azure Virtual Desktop. Have you considered what your company can achieve with Citrix and Azure together? Enjoy all the benefits you get with Microsoft, plus additional user experiences and more security controls.

With Microsoft and Citrix, you can enjoy a cloud VDI solution that is designed to meet the challenges of remote work, help you meet regulatory requirements, monitor performance, streamline management, and more. Citrix DaaS for Azure combines all these capabilities into one easy-to-deploy, cost-saving solution.

Achieve more with Citrix DaaS for Azure

Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix DaaS for Azure provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for their desktop infrastructure needs, offering flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness. By combining these services, businesses can benefit from a centralized platform that covers data protection, compliance, and critical workload management, all in one place.

Increase security

Prevent security breaches
with behavior-based security analytics to
detect and stop malicious activities.

Scale with ease

Scale up and down on demand
with an easy-to-adopt DaaS solution that
grows with your needs.

Boost productivity

Boost productivity
with faster logons and launch

times so users can work
seamlessly from any location
and device.


Over three years, organizations with
traditional VDI can save up to 70% with Citrix
DaaS for Azure

The many benefits of Citrix DaaS for Azure

From hybrid cloud support to security analytics, Citrix provides a wide range of features to build on the capabilities of the Azure Virtual Desktop platform.

Hybrid multi-cloud support makes it easy to leverage existing resources alongside new cloud-hosted apps and desktops. Manage any on-premises resources and public cloud workloads side-by-side in the same central console, with full support for Windows 10 or Windows 11 Enterprise multi-session remote desktops.

HDX technology provides a high-definition virtualization experience that’s unavailable with Azure Virtual Desktop. Voice and video stay crystal clear, even over challenging network connections, and graphics-intensive apps are delivered with pixel-perfect renderings. Ensure the best possible performance for your Microsoft virtual desktop users while supporting a broad array of peripherals.

Industry-leading scalability with Workspace Environment Management (WEM) allows you to decrease logon times by up to 60%, enable fair sharing of resources, and support 15% more users without increasing costs*. In addition, Citrix Autoscale makes it easy to keep cloud compute costs down with VM power management.

*Based on Citrix internal testing. Actual results may vary.

Provisioning and app layering tools streamline common lifecycle tasks with Azure VMs. Citrix’s Machine Creation Services (MCS) allows easy provisioning of hundreds or thousands of machines from a golden image and includes easy update and rollback features. Citrix Provisioning Services, meanwhile, delivers patches, updates, and other configurations to multiple virtual desktops through a shared desktop image.

Advanced zero trust security features ensure only authenticated users meeting approved criteria gain access to apps and data. Adaptive authentication provides continuous protection against malware and other cybersecurity threats, while innovative keylogging and screenshot protection with session watermarking prevent data loss. Session Recording allows admins to intelligently record and playback user sessions, while configuration logging provides detailed reporting on each action admins take.

End-to-end analytics go beyond what you’d get with Azure Virtual Desktop, enabling you to proactively detect and respond to unusual activities. Using Citrix Analytics for Security, you can classify users with behavior-based risk scores and take action as needed. With Citrix Analytics for Performance, users are automatically grouped by performance scores with prescriptive insights to optimize and resolve issues fast.

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