5 big benefits of deploying Azure Virtual Desktop with Citrix

Unlock more agility and cost savings with Citrix and Microsoft

Today’s IT leaders are responsible for a lot. You need to advance digital transformation, enable secure hybrid work, and boost employee productivity—all while keeping tech spending in check.

To accomplish these objectives, a growing number of organizations are moving key workloads to the cloud. And many are turning to Azure Virtual Desktop. Microsoft’s cloud-based desktop as a service (DaaS) offering allows companies to run virtual desktop services from the Azure cloud. This turnkey solution goes beyond virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to provide Azure virtual machines, templates, cloud services and more.

As an IT executive, you may already be familiar with the many advantages that come with Microsoft’s virtual desktop. Key benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop include:

  • Secure remote access to business apps on any device
  • Simplified IT management
  • The ability to scale rapidly
  • Lower infrastructure and licensing costs

What you may not be aware of, however, are the additional advantages that can be unlocked when you combine Azure Virtual Desktop services with Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service). Like lower operational costs. Faster time-to-value. An enhanced user experience. And advanced security features to ensure your most sensitive data stays protected at all times. Whether you run some or all of your Citrix workloads on premises, deploying Azure Virtual Desktop with Citrix DaaS can accelerate your digital transformation and amplify IT cost savings.


Migrate on your terms

When migrating to the cloud, datacenter investments may keep you grounded. Many organizations have existing on-premises app and desktop deployments, which means moving everything to a cloud-only model all at once would be neither efficient nor cost-effective. A much more practical approach is the hybrid cloud strategy.

By gradually transitioning virtual apps and desktops to the cloud, you can continue to leverage existing datacenter investments and skills. And only Citrix DaaS enables you to manage on-premises deployments alongside new Azure Virtual Desktop virtual machines (VMs). You can go all-in with a fully cloud-hosted deployment or deploy a hybrid cloud mix of technologies, depending on what works best for your business. Either way, you'll make the most of existing datacenter investments while leveraging the pricing benefits of Citrix cloud services with Azure Virtual Desktop. Compared to other standalone management, performance, or monitoring add-ons, Citrix customers can realize savings of up to $98 per user, per-year.


Accelerate Azure time-to-value

Deploying traditional software on premises can be complex and time consuming. Hardware procurement delays, manual installation, configuration, and staging steps all take up valuable time and resources. Streamlined cloud-based deployment and operations tools, on the other hand, significantly increase the speed at which services can be deployed.

Citrix DaaS on Microsoft Azure can vastly reduce (or even eliminate) the costs and delays associated with deployment, allowing you to quickly serve your internal line-of-business customers. When migrating Citrix workloads to Azure, you can save as much as 50% on operational costs in just three years.


Maximize ROI

Whether it's setting up seasonal staff and contractors or enabling a growing hybrid workforce, the ability to support secure flexible work is critical. But you don’t want to break your budget to do it. With dynamic workload management tools to help you balance on-premises and cloud deployments, it's easy to optimize operating expenses while delivering a high-performance environment for your users.

Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix DaaS allow you to burst to cloud as needed and then spin back down when it’s time to maximize current datacenter investments. Compared to a legacy, on-premises deployment, you can unlock up to 70% savings with Citrix cloud services on Azure through reduced infrastructure, simpler management, and more cost-effective license programs.


Deliver secure workspace experiences

Installing the latest features, security updates, and performance optimizations can take hours. And once you’re done, it’s only a matter of time before the next round of updates will once again be right around the corner. When you use Citrix cloud services, your key infrastructure components are always up to date.

Adaptive security and performance settings are automatically applied both in Azure and on premises. And with the Citrix real-time policy engine to adapt to changing access conditions—location, identity, device, threats, and more—you can rest assured your apps and data will always stay secure. Your end users always have the best experience possible, and your environment stays secure without the need for manual updates and patches. 


Simplify management and adapt faster

From regional power outages to global pandemics, there are plenty of scenarios that call for rapid response. When you use the Citrix centralized management plane, those business disruptions don’t have to mean service interruptions. In times of global uncertainty or even routine maintenance, you can quickly deploy additional workloads across multiple regions or datacenters—all without having to log into the Azure portal.

Put simply, combining your Azure Virtual Desktop deployment with Citrix DaaS allows you to extend the reach of IT while maintaining business continuity and keeping users productive. You can scale to the cloud with flexible IT management while maintaining on-premises investments, resources, and policies.

With a modern digital workspace built on solutions from Citrix and Microsoft, you can create the secure, flexible experiences people need to do their best work. By transitioning to Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop, you’ll discover even more ways to increase agility and create cost savings—all while reducing your reliance on physical infrastructure.

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