State and local government IT solutions

Citrix solutions for state and local government simplify the complexity of providing high availability app and data access to employees, mobile workers, first responders, contractors, and vendors of state and local agencies.

Mobilize health and human services

Increase the efficiency of caseworkers, clinicians, and contractors so they can keep pace with expanding caseloads. Citrix solutions for state and local government provide mobile support and remote access to applications, files, and forms, so workers save time that’s best spent assisting clients and patients. Regardless of where they are working, everything remains secure, helping you stay in compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and other regulations.

Case study: Florida Department of Health protects, promotes, and improves health services

Ensure critical data flow for first responders

Ensure the flow of critical data to enable the best possible responses, from dispatchers in the call center to emergency personnel in the field. Anytime, anywhere access to apps and information using Citrix solutions for state and local government greatly improves situational awareness and speeds response times, while protecting PII data. Mobile access to forms also accelerates incident reporting and citation filing.

Easily provide access to correctional services

Simplify how you provide access to legal resources, educational classes, and job search tools for inmates and parolees. Citrix solutions for state and local government has a centralized approach that enables the use of low-cost thin clients as endpoint devices that are easy to lock down and replace if broken. Additional security features help prevent attempts to break out of sessions, ensuring users conduct only the tasks they are authorized.

Improve transportation safety in your region

Enhance your ability to provide services and improve safety in your region. You can increase citizen satisfaction through more efficient DMV operations and self-service kiosks. Or shorten response time to incidents. Citrix solutions for state and local government also help you provide real-time information to travelers and staff, even when demand spikes.

Case study: ODOT keeps a mobile workforce on the move

Reduce cost and risk of public library access

Reduce the costs and risks of offering public access to computers, applications, and the Internet. Desktop and application virtualization help eliminate administrative headaches while protecting patrons who inadvertently save their private data on your machines. With Citrix solutions for state and local government, you can extend that same level of care to your mobile workers, giving them anytime, anywhere access from any device.

Boost productivity for judicial systems and courts

Offer remote and mobile access to case files and case management applications to assist in the effective delivery of justice. The ability to share and work on files and documents from any location can help law enforcement and judicial staff expedite their cases. Citrix solutions for state and local government ensure that confidential information is kept safe while still providing the necessary real-time access to all involved parties.

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