Simplify your zero trust journey with secure web browsing from Citrix

Protect the app used to access every other app—the browser

Don’t risk your data and access with consumer-grade web browsers. With Citrix Enterprise Browser, you can help users stay productive while mitigating insider and external threats. The Enterprise Browser is a Chromium-based, locally installed browser designed to support your security and compliance requirements. It can accelerate your zero trust strategy with dynamic context awareness, and ensure simple, secure, VPN-less access from anywhere. And with the Remote Browser Isolation feature built in, you can even isolate high-risk web browsing traffic by running it outside your company’s network on a remote, one-time browser session on public cloud infrastructure.

Zero trust access to browser-based applications

Two secure browsing options to support any secure access use case

Deliver secure access to all applications

Protect access on a per-app, per-URL basis, without the need for a VPN

With the Enterprise Browser, you can assign the exact level of trust required from each user and device. You can gather granular endpoint data, validate user identities through native or third-party MFA solutions prior to granting app access, and even protect passwords with anti-keylogging and anti-screen scraping capabilities.

Set context-aware security policies

Enforce granular controls for true “just enough” access

Precise access restrictions let you block insider and external threats for all browser-based apps. Deliver restricted application access depending on who’s requesting access, where they’re located, and what devices they’re using. Prevent data loss with restrictions on printing, uploads, and downloads, as well as cut, paste, and copy clipboard features. You can also use watermarks to highlight the user and IP address in a screenshot.

Keep risky browsing entirely off your networks

Fully separate browsing with Remote Browser Isolation

Get the most from Citrix Enterprise Browser with Remote Browser Isolation. Use policy controls to enable secure browsing for any user, over any connection, on any device, and keep malware off your network. On BYO, unmanaged devices, or even managed devices, Remote Browser Isolation service prevents the movement of both sensitive and malicious content to ensure browser-based threats don't reach the user's device by creating an air gap between the browser and device. Sessions are also discarded once the user is done for additional protection from web threats or attackers.

Deliver a like-local user experience

Provide a consistent experience across apps

Provide a familiar experience that acts and looks like any other browser. Citrix security solutions provide users with an enterprise-grade browser that works on any corporate or personal device and offers full support for microphones and webcams, progressive web apps, bookmarks, dark modes, tabs, and windows.

See what you can achieve with Citrix Enterprise Browser

Protect sensitive business information

Secure your employees, IT environment, and content with analytics intelligence

Empower a hybrid workforce

Adapt access based on device posture and risk factors, without compromising on user experience.

Deliver incredible experiences to users on any device

Elevate the user experience when delivering virtual apps and desktops, even over challenging networks.


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