Aerospace & Defense Integrators IT solutions 

Citrix solutions for aerospace and defense integrators help modernize internal IT infrastructure by integrating hybrid multi-cloud capabilities for greater agility and enhanced productivity, and to provide quicker and more seamless M&A integration. Citrix allows aerospace and defense companies to deliver secure digital workspaces that help organizations turn employee experience into competitive edge by providing the technology workers need to take control of their workdays and gain the space to think more creatively and be more purposeful—securely. 

Defense industrial base maintains business continuity 

The challenges facing the Defense Industrial Base have never been so profound. As the lockdowns associated with COVID-19 forced many organizations to confront the reality of a future in which remote working would represent the next normal, it became clear that few things are now as crucial to business resilience as the ability to access information and to collaborate without disruption and in real time.

Achieve CMMC certification

Achieving CMMC certification can be a daunting task for any contractor. Fortunately, Citrix is here to help. Security solutions from Citrix can help you to implement dozens of processes across thirteen of the seventeen CMMC domains.

Mergers and Acquisitions 

There are many challenges when managing a mergers and acquisition activity. Whether that is integrating people, process, and technology, or maximizing synergies and economies of scale. Citrix allows organizations to leveraging this trigger event to maximize digital transformation, so you can get to the “one-company model” as quickly as possible. 

DoD and Intel Community 

Department of Defense 

Delivering apps and desktops to downrange personne

Citrix solutions provide intelligent path selection over multiple links, providing reliability of data delivery, and helps reduce redundant data, freeing up more bandwidth.

Redefining information access 

At Citrix, we help Department of Defense government agencies do more with less by connecting warfighters and workers to the apps and data they need to enhance experiences and simplify outcomes. Ensure reliable access for Department of Defense warfighters and workers while reducing costs and ensuring data security.

Air Force modernization 

Secure, Remote Access to DoD Applications: Efforts to modernize information technology across the U.S. Department of Defense, including a recent cloud initiative, are focused on raising efficiency and effectiveness through greater security, reliability, and cost control.


Intel Community 

Zero trust  

Citrix removes friction from the employee experience by organizing, guiding, and automating work to improve focus on important tasks, reduce distracting task-switching, and leverage next generation interfaces to provide a consumer-like IT experience, all while enforcing security policies in a zero-trust network architecture. 

Modernize application delivery 

Customers like the US Intelligence Community need flexible Application Delivery Controller solutions that streamline the move to the cloud. Learn why agencies trust Citrix to drive greater agility, enhance utilization, and deliver flexibility for a smoother cloud journey. 

MLS/Cross-domain Solutions  

Government customers have the tough mission of providing flexible access to both unclassified and classified information.  There is a need to provide this access on a single device, but native technology and hardware end points do not provide this capability.  Therefore, there are technology vendors who provide a solution of either software or hardware-based that can be used to be an intermediary between the client’s end user device and to the networks the user is trying to access. 

Customers like the US Intelligence Community (IC) and DoD who need to accommodate users from a single device across different classification levels will need an approved multi-level security (MLS) solution which Citrix is a key component of to allow this flexibility.   


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