Deliver mission critical applications

Secure connections to on-premises and cloud applications from anywhere

If your mission critical data center or cloud applications go down, even a single hour of downtime can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost business and lowered productivity1. In some cases, downtime may be due to external factors like weather or global events but it can also be due to an office closure, or the need to pivot to remote work. While there’s no way to predict when a change may occur, it is possible to prepare by building a business continuity plan (BCP) and making sure you can deliver your mission-critical applications anywhere. Citrix with NetScaler delivers secure, high-performing applications and desktops to users anywhere, so your business can keep operating, regardless of disruptions.

Executive summary:

  • Easily manage and deploy applications to users anywhere for consistent access with Citrix
  • Businesses can scale datacenter and cloud applications to users anywhere with Citrix
  • Deliver apps and desktops to any device with the best user experiences through the Citrix platform
  • Secure sensitive web apps even through remote connections with Zero Trust access solutions from Citrix


Business outcomes

Manage and deploy any kind of application

Like most businesses, your business probably uses a combination of cloud, SaaS, custom-built, data center, and web apps for day-to-day operations. Your employees also need consistent access, no matter where they are located. NetScaler automatically makes intelligent traffic-routing decisions, examining some ten billion real-user measurements per day and assesses the latency, throughput, and availability of CDNs, cloud services, and private data centers. By using real-time parameters rather than relying on static traffic-routing methods, NetScaler automatically routes client requests to the location that is best for a particular user at the time of the request.

Scale up and down quickly

Internal and external disruptions may mean you need to scale, and quickly. Whatever the situation, the implications are the same. Citrix equips you with a full range of options for scaling legacy, custom-built, cloud, web, and SaaS applications with NetScaler and delivering them to users securely with a zero trust access framework. Expanding capacity across hybrid cloud infrastructure to keep your business going is simple and fast with Citrix. Once you get back to business as usual, you can easily scale back to save costs.

Recover from any disruptive event

Effective business continuity management (BCM) involves building recovery strategies. Your users need access to all the applications they use no matter what device or operating system they use. NetScaler provides full system backup and recovery capabilities for Application Delivery Controllers deployed in high-availability mode. Certificates, configuration files, and a complete backup of your database are available in the on-premises or public cloud recovery site you designate.

Secure sensitive data

It’s not just productivity and profits that are at stake during disruptions. Cyber risk and cyber attack resilience are top concerns among businesses3. With the Citrix platform, IT admins can apply security controls for web and SaaS apps based on user risk scores, locations, and device posture. Those resources can be securely delivered to users through the Citrix app or the Citrix Enterprise Browser. Citrix also helps detect threats with full stack security analytics, and NetScaler protects data with enterprise-grade access controls and adaptive security policies. These and other solutions provide everything you need to protect against breaches—without limiting access or compromising performance.

Secure application delivery

Modern software applications comprise code from many sources, including proprietary code and open-source libraries. Common use cases for secure application delivery all have the same goal: achieving a strong security posture for applications and APIs. NetScaler protects sensitive business and user data in custom applications and API endpoints, provides a vast array of authentication protocols for cloud-based enterprise SaaS applications, and integrates with the observability tools that developers already use to monitor and secure microservices. In addition, NetScaler helps ensure compliance for specific industries that must adhere to regulations for secure application delivery.

Learn more about secure application delivery with NetScaler.


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