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In complex, uncertain times…
We securely deliver apps and data to a mobile government workforce, improving efficiency while cutting operational costs and enhancing user experience.
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From Coping to continuity

Could the lessons learned in overcoming adversity pave the way to your business continuity plan? From remote working to secure cloud computing, what helps you react is also what will help you plan for the future.

Customer story: Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

Digitising services, Securing data

Of course, away from more immediate challenges, there are the ongoing aims for the public sector…. We all know the potential of digital transformation. Better, more secure, more efficient and more cost-effective public services.

Customer story: Registers of Scotland

Sense and sustainability

The green agenda remains high on the list of priorities. Becoming a more sustainable business just makes sense – both for the environment and for the well-being of our citizens.

White paper: It's just good business: How sustainability can start with IT

Secure government data in the cloud

Citrix enables government agencies to leverage the cost benefits of the cloud while delivering the robust security, agile flexibility, and enhanced productivity they demand. Government IT departments gain complete visibility and granular control over all end-user data sharing activity.

Engaged employees are productive employees

Companies with high levels of employee engagement report 20 percent higher productivity and 21 percent higher profitability.

Finding and keeping the right people

It’s important that Local Government is an attractive employment option, offering younger employees a better ‘workplace’ has become a necessity. We know that giving staff the right tools to do their best work makes them more productive and happier at work.

Customer story The National Archive

Citrix Cloud Government

Deploy, manage, and optimize workloads on any government-grade infrastructure

SEPA – creating a world-class environment protection agency with Citrix

The cost and time saving is brilliant, but the immediacy, improved workflow, and speed are actually far more important.

Gawain Williams
Childcare Solicitor
Carmarthenshire County Council

Citrix SD-WAN for Public Sector

Helping Public Sector deliver crucial services to the public. We boost your employee efficiency and productivity with a purpose-built, application-optimized network that prioritises Citrix traffic and enhances performance for Microsoft Office 365 and Teams.

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