Deliver apps and data for secure mobile workspaces

Mobilize your workforce to easily and securely access apps, desktops, data and services from any device, over any network with a single solution for IT to manage.

What is Citrix Workspace Suite?

Citrix Workspace Suite Overview (1:42)

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Enable your mobile workforce

Mobility provides a competitive edge for today’s organizations. Now is the time to let people work from anywhere, on any device. Citrix Workspace Suite gives workers access to their mobile workspace – their portable, always available environment consisting of their desktop, all of their apps and their data – from anywhere. Whether workers are at a desk, commuting on a train, or working in-flight, they now have secure access to business applications, data and desktops with the performance, personalization and mobility they need.

Deliver business mobility without compromising security

Provide enterprise grade security to ensure apps and data are secure and compliant no matter where they reside. With Citrix Workspace Suite, organizations can meet compliance guidelines, minimize loss of intellectual property and protect data through centralization of apps and data in the datacenter or through security technologies directly on the device, like encryption and remote wipe. Now, people can work from anywhere – even on their own device accessing sensitive information – and be confident their workspace is secure.

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Improve productivity and worker satisfaction

Today’s workers are on the move. They start work on a laptop at home, use a smartphone during a commute, and switch to a tablet during an early meeting – all before sitting down at their desk. Citrix Workspace Suite provides employees access to all of their apps and data regardless of device. It also includes mobile productivity apps, such as email, calendar and notes, to speed task completion. Combined with a single sign-on to all apps, data and desktops, fast-moving workers can get more done with less hassle, even over low bandwidth connections.

Lower business costs with a workplace transformation

Workers today are thinking outside the cubicle, but office spaces have not kept up. It is time for a workplace transformation - breaking down the walls and redesigning office space for the diverse activities employees participate in daily. Create open seating for employees to do work, privacy rooms for confidential calls, plus collaboration rooms for group and customer meetings. Lower business and real estate costs by more efficiently using space around actual functional need instead of dedicated spaces that go unused when employees are out of the office. Citrix Workspace Suite enables these new ways to work by allowing people to be productive and collaborative from anywhere, at any time.


Provide a single solution for secure mobile workspaces

Citrix Workspace Suite is a single solution for secure app and data delivery. IT can securely deliver Windows, Linux, SaaS and mobile apps, as well as data, to workers without needing to navigate between different vendor solutions. Citrix Workspace Suite includes app and desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility management, file sync and sharing, and secure remote access to meet business needs. IT can manage and support the application, desktop and mobile infrastructure with just one vendor.

Provide self-service access to all corporate apps (1:42)

Citrix Workspace Suite provides a unified app store that aggregates Windows, web, SaaS and mobile apps for delivery to any device. This complete mobility solution also includes native mobile apps for secure email, calendar and browsing to maximize productivity and security for mobile workers.

Choose the leading mobile workspace solution

Citrix Workspace Suite is leading the transition from the traditional desktop environment to the mobile workspace, with the most complete and integrated solution to ensure productivity from anywhere.  This single solution from Citrix lets IT deliver secure, always on workspaces – with access to apps, desktops, data and services – personalized for every user.

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The market leading technologies included in Citrix Workpace Suite

Deliver virtual Windows and Linux apps and desktops to a mobile workforce.

Manage and support BYO and corporate mobile devices and apps without compromising security.

Secure, sync and share enterprise files.

Provide secure remote access to XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile from any device.

Citrix partners with IT leaders to provide seamless integration with your infrastructure

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