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Web and video optimization

Several techniques are employed to improve the mobile subscriber experience and enable mobile networks to accommodate exploding growth in video and data consumption.

Video Caching (1:08)

Citrix ByteMobile - Video Caching for improved subscriber experience.

Video Streaming Optimization (1:45)

Citrix ByteMobile - Streaming Video Optimization

Quality Aware Transcoding (0:45)

Citrix ByteMobile - Video Optimization - Quality Aware Transcoding. Can you guess which is best?

Dynamic Bandwidth Shaping (0:52)

Visually shows the benefit of Dynamic Bandwidth Shaping, a Citrix ByteMobile video optimization technique for improved subscriber experience.

Web Optimization (2:34)

Citrix ByteMobile - Web Optimization. High level overview of how Citrix Bytemobile accelerate mobile web page downloads and improves user experience.

Smartphone Application Acceleration (2:01)

Citrix ByteMobile - Mobile App Acceleration. How Citrix Bytemobile allows network operators to acccelerate mobile app performance and improve mobile subscriber experience.

Internet Radio Optimization (1:10)

The video shows the benefits of of the ByteMobile Internet Radio Optimization application.

Auto-update Optimization (2:39)

How Citrix ByteMobile improves mobile network performance my optimizing auto-update software download traffic.

TCP Optimization (2:09)

How Citrix ByteMobile TCP Optimization improves mobile subscriber experience on all networks, 2G, 3G and LTE.

Subscriber experience and inline engagement

Engage with your subscribers inline in order to provide enhanced self-care and relevant offers. Gain visibility into subscriber behavior and network traffic patterns to make more informed pricing, optimization and policy enforcement decisions and identify new business opportunities.

UXI Based Adaptive Traffic Management (1:33)

Citrix ByteMobile User Experience Based Adaptive Traffic Management.

Mobile Analytics Video Datasheet (3:22)

Citrix ByteMobile - Content level mobile analytics measuring mobile network load, mobile subscriber behaviour, mobile advertising, web page download times and more. Also shows mobile data user experience on different mobile networks, and how optimization improves the subscriber experience.

Subscriber Engagement (1:33)

Demos the capability of the ByteMo0bile Subscriber Engagement Suite.

Key components

The Adaptive Traffic Management Solution integrates functions such as video caching, load balancing, deep packet inspection (DPI), video and web optimization, reporting and analytics and policy control into a single system architecture and management system, eliminating the complexity of sourcing from multiple vendors.

Virtual Adaptive Traffic Management Solution (1:44)

Citrix ByteMobile Virtual Adaptive Traffic Management deployment option.

T1000 Series Application Delivery Controller - Intro (1:25)

Citrix ByteMobile - T1000 Series Application Delivery Controller - Intro to ByteMobile and NetScaler.

T1000 Series Application Delivery Controller - TriScale (2:07)

Citrix ByteMobile - T1000 Series Application Delivery Controller - Triscale for pay as you grow with Scale Up, Scale Out and Scale In.

T1000 Series - Use Case (1:18)

Citrix ByteMobile T1000 Series - Application Delivery Controller use cases for control plane, data plane and management plane.

Mobile Analytics Reports

The information presented in the quarterly Citrix Mobile Analytics Report is generated using anonymously sourced data traffic statistics drawn from a global cross-section of Citrix customers. The report offers comprehensive visibility and insight both mobile network operators and enterprise IT need to make the right decisions about their strategy and operations today.

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2015 – February – Trends in both consumer and business mobility

2014 – February / April / September

2013 – February / June / November

This report is an analysis of anonymously sourced information encompassing both consumer and business mobility data drawn from a global cross-section of Citrix customers. The data presented is not intended to reflect a comprehensive view of all mobile network data traffic or of all mobile network subscribers.


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