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If your company’s cybersecurity efforts are becoming overly complex, you’re far from alone. Most of today’s IT teams are juggling too many security tools to be operationally effective.1 And unfortunately, it’s more than just corporate apps and data that are at risk. Inefficient security policies can lead to a poor user experience—the kind that turns routine tasks into tedious, time-consuming processes. It’s time to find a better way to support secure hybrid work, without slowing down productivity.



Executive summary

  • As employees work from more locations and apps move to the cloud, your attack surface is expanding fast.
  • Many traditional IT solutions aren’t capable of protecting against the latest cybersecurity threats.
  • Citrix equips your business with the modern security approach you need to keep data secure, no matter where people work or what devices they use.


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Enable secure access from anywhere

Remote work has officially gone mainstream, with a full 100% of IT leaders planning to adopt hybrid work models. That means users are working on networks IT can’t secure, with devices that aren’t managed—a big risk for companies that rely on network-centric solutions like traditional VPN. Insider threats are a major concern at these organizations, where one in three have already experienced a ransomware attack or breach.2 Thankfully, there is an answer. With a modern alternative to VPN, IT can continually monitor each individual session. This zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution from Citrix lets you automatically apply security controls based on user risk scores, locations, and device posture. And when you use Citrix DaaS, built-in policy controls add an extra layer of security to keep data protected across devices, locations, and networks. Employees have seamless access to the resources they need, while you keep threats away from your network.

Find and stop threats faster

As employees work from more locations, and as apps move to the cloud, the potential for compromised accounts is everywhere. And with the average cost of a breach at an all-time high of $4.2 million5, you can’t afford a single overlooked threat. That’s what Citrix solutions are for—to give IT a complete picture of all network traffic, users, files, and endpoints. Taking inputs from Citrix Secure Private Access and Citrix DaaS, Citrix Analytics for Security lets you identify and automatically respond to suspicious activity. With a personalized risk score assigned to each user based on behavior, you can stay ahead of both internal and external threats long before they lead to breaches.

Keep compliance in check

Whether you want to stay ahead of the latest regulations or need to meet strict industry standards, Citrix solutions have you covered. Use adaptive authentication to determine who gets access to what based on job roles, locations, devices, and more. You can lock down confidential customer data when a mobile device leaves the job site. Or you might decide to turn off specific services, such as copying and pasting, based on compliance checks throughout each session. You can even record the on-screen activity of any user session, over any type of connection, to monitor as needed based on industry requirements. These and other security features from Citrix DaaS and Citrix Secure Private Access make it remarkably easy for companies to meet even the toughest requirements including HIPAA, PCI, CIPAA and GDPR.



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