Conquer the digital workspace market with Citrix cloud services

Deliver digital workspace services with speed, scale, and high margins

Citrix cloud is the platform that simplifies operations, improves scalability, and accelerates growth.

5 reasons your time for Citrix cloud is now

Citrix cloud services are


Rapidly deploy Citrix services in hours

Put the latest capabilities and innovations to work


Use analytics-based approaches to security

Close security gaps using always up-to-date software


Gain extreme flexibility by managing apps across any device

Increase visibility into business


Implement a fully integrated Citrix portfolio from a single management plane

Provide unified, reliable access to any app or data in any environment

Citrix cloud meets your priorities  

Citrix cloud makes it simple to deliver and manage Citrix technology, from digital workspace services to individual solutions. Services include:

Citrix DaaS

Citrix Analytics

Citrix Secure Private Access

How Citrix cloud services empower you

Capitalize on OpEx efficiencies  

Get the best new solutions instantly with SaaS pricing, freeing up funds for strategic investments.

Reduce operational burdens   

Spend less time maintaining hardware and software and gain access to Citrix 24x7x365 support.

Get the latest technology   

With a SaaS model, you’ll receive ongoing upgrades that continually enhance functionality and security.

Simplify multi-site management   

Citrix cloud services provides a single management plane for deploying and managing multiple sites.

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