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The secret to successful cloud and digital transformation initiatives: Get your people onboard

When it comes to digital transformation and its enabling technologies like cloud, disruption is the name of the game. That’s the purpose, after all: reimagining user experiences. Rethinking how workers collaborate. Mining new insights to transform business outcomes.Enter Text Here

Avoid being added to the endangered species list. A case for B2B digital marketing transformation.

The National Geographic Society defines an “endangered species” as an organism that is threatened by extinction. Avoid becoming an endangered species by taking your digital marketing game to the next level and growing your business outside of referrals. It’s a lot easier than you might think.

Helping customers find their way on the digital transformation journey

Digital transformation: it’s a concept that went from nonexistent a few years ago to top of every tech blogger’s mind. But it’s much more than just a buzzword, and leaders in C-suites around the globe are taking it seriously.

How Citrix and Microsoft partners help customers address high-value use cases

Behind every successful customer, there’s a skilled partner who understands that short- and long-term success comes from starting small, helping customers overcome business challenges, and overachieving. Happy customers buy more.

 The SD-WAN opportunity (3:12)

Hear how Citrix Partner Burwood Group is seizing the SD-WAN opportunity to empower customers with the best possible user experience, with lower costs and stronger security than ever, and even leveraging the technology to help with the transition to the cloud.

 The Citrix SD-WAN difference (3:37)

With so many options to choose from, how does Citrix SD-WAN rise above the rest? Hear about the critical difference from Citrix Partner, Burwood Group.

Zeroing in on the top 5 use cases for selling cloud

Customers of all sizes and in all industries are moving to the cloud. This infographic outlines some examples of how you can be successful in supporting your customers along their journey.

 Increasing pipeline with digital marketing (4:09)

The technology landscape is more competitive than ever, which is why a strong digital marketing strategy is crucial to stand out. Hear how partnering with Citrix goes beyond the technology for Burwood Group, and how they find success tapping into their partnership with Citrix to improve their digital marketing strategy.

Cracking the digital transformation code: A conversation with ACP

These days every technology vendor, including Citrix, spends a lot of time talking about digital transformation. But talking about it and actually doing it are two different things. Some technology sellers, like ACP IT Solutions, have got it down to a science.