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Citrix User Group Community (CUGC)

The Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) includes thousands of technology professionals interested in maximizing the value of Citrix and partner products. CUGC is a source of valuable content and knowledge sharing, an online and in-person hub for professional connections, and a voice of influence with Citrix.

CUGC membership benefits include:

  • Technical webinars
  • Blogs loaded with expert content
  • Leadership, writing, and speaking opportunities
  • Local group meetings for learning and network
  • Women In Technology program

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Citrix Technology Professional program

The Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) Program is an annual award in recognition of the contributions of individuals who have invested time and resources to become experts in Citrix products and solutions.

CTP awardees regularly engage with product managers, engineers, executive leadership, and other groups as needed. Awardees gain deeper insight into Citrix strategies and technologies, including advanced knowledge of planned projects, while providing input on business needs and feedback on product strategy.

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Citrix Technology Advocate program

The Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA) program provides Citrix enthusiasts meaningful recognition for their community contributions and gives them unique opportunities to connect with Citrix peers and internal stakeholders who will enable continued growth and performance in their careers.

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Citrix Developer Portal

Your workspace—your way. Build, test, and learn with developer guides, code samples, free test instances, and APIs and SDKs for Citrix cloud and on-premises solutions.

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