Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA) Program

The main objective of the Citrix Technology Advocate program is to provide Citrix enthusiasts meaningful recognition for their community contributions, provide unique opportunities to connect with Citrix peers and internal stakeholders that will enable a continued growth and performance in their careers.

  • CTA award designation
  • CTA badge assigned to profile on CUGC and Citrix Discussions
  • Dedicated slack program channel
  • Speaking and moderating opportunities with CUGC and Citrix
  • Demo Licenses for core products
  • CTP mentorship
  • Quarterly program webinars
  • Various industry discounts
  • Citrix product feedback

CTA Applicants much possess these minimum qualifications:

  • Citrix Product Experience
  • Active member of or other local Citrix Community
  • Willingness to blog and/or moderate webinar for CUGC and/or Citrix
  • Active social impact (Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Willingness to share expertise amongst CTA’s
  • A passion for community and advocacy of Citrix products

CTA candidates will be voted into the program by the Citrix community team and CTA members currently in the program. There is a formal review and voting process based on the candidate’s alignment with the program guidelines and Citrix objectives. 

To maintain the CTA award designation, and in an effort to continue to grow the Citrix User Group Community & engagement within the CTA program, we expect to see one of the areas listed below achieved at least once per quarter and entered into the CTA Podio:

  • Moderate Forums and webinars hosted by
  • Contribute content and participate in discussions on
  • Host a user share webinar for the CUGC community
  • Be a speaker at a local CUGC event
  • Engage with fellow CTAs on the CTA Slack channel
  • Write a blog involving Citrix technologies either for or other technology blog

Product Webinars

The program will have a quarterly cadence of webinars. These meetings can include product roadmaps, latest version and features presentation, product feedback and general CTA program meetings. Special topic requests can be made as well.

Product Feedback

Product feedback can be facilitated through the CTA program manager who will share issues and bugs with the Citrix product managers.

Product Licensing

Licensing is available to all CTA members during their tenure in the program for the core Citrix products. Licenses are also available to members who are already partners.


To maintain membership in the CTA program, all contributions to the Citrix community must be entered into the CTA Podio app throughout the year. The member’s contribution will be considered at the end of the year renewal process.


Instant messages to members can be achieved through our private CTA slack channel. Calendar created events will be sent to primary email address registered for the CTA member.


Citrix and each Technology Advocate will have in place a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) concerning any information discussed in private webinars or product discussions. In addition to protecting confidential Citrix information, this NDA will also ensure that members can openly discuss their operations, configurations and strategies amongst each other.