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Today’s employees expect consumer-like remote user experiences—nearly half wish their workplace technology performed just like personal apps.1 But as IT is tasked with delivering increasingly diverse applications and services, this proves difficult for many companies to achieve. To help, numerous organizations are turning to desktop as a service (DaaS) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). These solutions deliver a secure, high-performance experience regardless of device, network quality, or location. However, there is a catch. While there are a number of options on the market, not all are created equal. You need the right solution—one with built-in capabilities designed to deliver the best graphics, audio, and peripheral support so you can achieve an exceptional user experience to boost engagement and productivity while also reducing costs.

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Executive summary

  • Citrix HDX elevates the user experience when delivering virtual apps and desktops across public clouds and on-premises platforms, even over challenging networks.
  • Cutting-edge remoting technologies ensure crystal-clear graphics and video with smooth motion and crisp audio, along with support for a wide array of devices and peripherals.
  • Unified communications tools like Microsoft Teams perform well as delivered apps, with improved security and management.

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Business outcomes

Optimize graphics and multimedia

For your users to get as much as possible out of DaaS and VDI deployments, responsiveness is key. With the right technology, a complex graphics workload should run just as smoothly in a virtual desktop as it does on a native device—even better in some cases. With HDX 3D Pro and other targeted optimizations, it will. Cutting-edge display techniques ensure crystal-clear 3D graphics, 2D imaging, and interactive video even on unstable broadband and mobile networks. Citrix DaaS and VDI lets users access resources from their closest cloud point of presence (PoP) or corporate gateway, ensuring pixel-perfect imagery from anywhere. And with Remote PC Access, employees can leverage graphics-intensive workloads served up from physical PCs located at the office, too.

Support more devices and peripherals

Today’s employees work across a lot of devices—from laptops and smartphones to corporate-issued devices and thin clients. Only Citrix HDX supports the industry’s broadest array of devices and operating systems to guarantee an exceptional experience regardless of endpoint—with offload capabilities like caching and GPU usage. Multi-monitors and demanding workloads are powered with ease, as are peripherals like remote printers, scanners, biometric readers, and drawing tablets. And thanks to strong partnerships with the world’s leading hardware and software vendors, even low-cost commodity endpoints perform well for challenging use cases.

Improve unified communications

More and more enterprises are leaning on unified communications (UC) tools such as Microsoft Teams to foster collaboration. But while these solutions offer tremendous benefits, they can prove challenging to administer and secure—especially while striving to deliver the ideal user experience across a myriad of devices. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops eliminates these issues. Thanks to specialized HDX optimizations, end users receive native voice and video experiences while UC chat logs, files, and authentication happen securely within the virtual desktop. It’s the best scenario for performance, scalability, and security—one made possible by a close partnership with Microsoft. In addition to Teams optimizations, Cisco, Avaya, Zoom, and other leading vendors are all supported, too.

Reduce spending

With increased business pressure to support flexible work, it helps to have breakthrough technology that’s also cost-effective long-term. Citrix provides an instant advantage—not just for the user experience, but also when it comes to industry-leading server scalability and cost reductions. With exclusive the ICA remoting protocol at the core of HDX, this technology has delivered on the promise of doing more while spending less for decades. And the value extends to both Windows and Linux workloads, with solutions to repurpose old PCs as secure, high-performance thin clients.

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