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The need for high-performing Linux apps and desktops has never been bigger. As the global mobile workforce approaches 1.87 billion workers1, and as more employees need to access mission-critical apps that run solely on Linux, the open-source operating system is playing an increasingly prominent role in the workplace. But with the vast majority of desktop market share going to Windows2, much of that Linux-powered work needs to be accomplished on non-Linux devices. Whether you work in an industry requiring complex Linux apps or simply need to reduce IT costs, you need a VDI solution that solves these challenges and others like them.

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Executive summary

  • With Linux playing a growing role in the workplace, the need to leverage Linux-powered work on Windows devices is growing as well. 
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provides a central console that consolidates administration of Windows and Linux VDI into side-by-side management, delivering Linux virtual desktops in record time.


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Reduce complexity

What tools will your team use to deploy Linux VDI? How long will it take them to get comfortable with new settings? With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, you can deliver Linux virtual desktops in record time. A central console consolidates administration of Windows and Linux VDI into side-by-side management, reducing the learning curve from weeks or months to minutes. That seamless experience extends to your helpdesk staff, where team members can rely on familiar tools and infrastructure to see all sessions across the organization. Best of all? With Citrix, you choose the Linux distribution that works for you.

Increase ROI

With IT costs already stretched, the last thing you need is yet another reason to overextend your budget. With Linux VDI, you won’t have to. As an industry pioneer in app and desktop delivery, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provides the resources you need to maximize your return on investment and power productivity. There’s no need to purchase new hardware or invest in new technology. Simply give users access, and then manage everything in the same single console.

Keep data secure

While Linux apps and desktops can go a long way in powering productivity, those gains have potential to come at a price—particularly when deployed to an increasingly mobile workforce that can unwittingly put sensitive data at risk. But while the majority of executives agree that data breach dangers are higher when employees work off-site, few businesses have comprehensive policies in place to help guide those workers3. The Linux virtual desktop helps put those security concerns to rest. By securing sensitive data and intellectual property in the data center, you can set up policy controls and provide access based on locations, devices and other factors. It’s one of the fastest, most effective ways to let distributed employees collaborate in real time without putting your data at risk.



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