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Deliver a secure, stable, and high-quality experience to your hybrid workforce from anywhere

Hybrid work is here to stay. Citrix has helped thousands of organizations of all sizes remain competitive by delivering a secure cloud desktop experience with a great UX. Whether on premises, hybrid, or in the cloud, Citrix desktop as a service (DaaS) solutions provide the capabilities you need to streamline IT and scale for growth.

Cloud desktop executive summary

  • Cloud desktops: Citrix DaaS provides the fastest and simplest way to get started with cloud desktops.
  • Deployment: Only Citrix lets you choose the app and desktop virtualization deployment that works best for you, whether that means moving fully to cloud infrastructure or adopting a hybrid scenario.
  • Security: With Citrix DaaS, your infrastructure can remain secure no matter where work gets done or what devices people use.


See what you can achieve with a cloud desktop service

Provide secure access on any device

For hybrid work to work, you need security that keeps all your data and access points protected—without hindering the employee experience. With Citrix DaaS, you get zero trust access as well as enhanced security through proprietary controls.

Built-in policy controls add an extra layer of protection based on where people work, which devices they use, what they need to access, and more. Employees can collaborate on applications and data, while you keep threats away from your network.

Improve business agility with cloud desktop technology

Today's dispersed, remote workforce is pushing IT to provide cost-effective solutions that perform on every device from any location. Citrix DaaS equips you with a secure, easy-to-manage solution to quickly deliver apps or desktops from any cloud or datacenter. 

Provide secure remote access to Linux or Windows desktops when the need arises—and spin them back down at any time. This pay-as-you-go consumption model ensures you pay only for what you use and empowers employees to work wherever they’re most productive. It's the easiest, fastest way to adapt to the changing needs of your hybrid workforce while maintaining data security and compliance.

Simplify your VDI and scale for future growth

Citrix DaaS helps you to remove the friction and maintenance of physical infrastructure. There’s no need to set up servers, strain your datacenter, or manage patches and updates.

If you're looking for ways to unburden IT from physical infrastructure, Citrix DaaS provides an ideal option. Since resources are in the cloud, you can scale up and down on demand to accommodate seasonal shifts, temporary staff, mergers, acquisitions, and more—without having to devote extra resources or take time from higher-value initiatives. Any admin, regardless of IT level, has the option to deploy new cloud desktops seamlessly.

Improve business continuity and disaster recovery with the cloud

Business disruptions can occur at any time or for any reason—from weather events to pandemics. Regardless of the type of outage, Citrix DaaS ensures your end users have secure access to resources from any location, device, or network connection.

Simply scale up and down as needed—no need to worry about your datacenters or wait until an admin can get to physical servers. Employees get the same high performance desktop experience. You keep sensitive apps and desktops secure by centralizing management within the cloud console.

Choose the cloud deployment that works best for your infrastructure

Choose the deployment that works best for you. We provide easy to adopt solutions available in the cloud service marketplace of your choice, including Citrix DaaS for Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

For the quickest, simplest way to get started with cloud apps and desktops, easy-to-adopt solutions can be purchased directly from the cloud services marketplace of your choice. For enterprise IT teams in need of full flexibility, hybrid DaaS lets you manage on-premises and public cloud-hosted desktops side by side. Whether you move to cloud-only desktops or manage them alongside on-premises resources, you can use the same central console to set granular security policies, monitor activity, and rapidly provision updates to all users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud desktop is a cloud computing technology that securely delivers virtual apps and desktops from the cloud to any device. A cloud desktop, often referred to as desktop as a service (DaaS), is essentially a managed virtual desktop that’s hosted in the cloud.

A hosted desktop is a computing environment that accesses data on a remote server using virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Hosted desktops offer many benefits, yet there are some limitations including the need for hardware and infrastructure investments. 

In a cloud desktop, resources are hosted on a cloud-based server rather than an on-premises datacenter. It does not require hardware or specialized IT management for every user for aspects like permissions, security, and collaboration. It also works consistently on any device from anywhere. With the rise in cloud technology, many companies are turning to cloud desktop services—also known as DaaS.

The technology used to create secure cloud desktops has become more accessible than ever before. Citrix DaaS is a scalable cloud desktop solution that provides security and flexibility. This service allows employees to work anywhere, on any device, while desktops can be managed on premises, in the cloud, or with a hybrid multi-cloud solution. With a pay-as-you-go subscription model, Citrix DaaS makes it easy to scale up or down on-demand. 


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