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Boost productivity—and maintain security—when employees work remotely

The surveys are in—and the findings are conclusive: Remote work is here to stay. More than 90% of surveyed employees prefer flexible work1, and 100% of IT leaders plan to adopt hybrid work models for the foreseeable future. But as you give people the freedom to work from any location and device, IT has a big challenge to overcome. How do you maintain security when employees work remotely? The answer lies in modern technology solutions designed to deliver a secure workspace experience.



of surveyed employees prefer flexible work


of IT leaders plan to adopt hybrid work models for the forseeable future

Executive summary

  • The remote workforce is expanding at a rapid rate.
  • IT is responsible for keeping people connected to the data and resources they need—without compromising security.
  • Modern technology solutions from Citrix simplify the process of onboarding users and securing access.


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Rapidly onboard remote users

Today’s organizations are onboarding remote workers faster than ever. Temporary contractors, seasonal staff, mergers, and acquisitions can all increase the need for rapid deployments. In each of these scenarios, the ability to scale is key. And with Citrix, it’s easy to achieve. Quickly accommodate new members of your hybrid workforce with desktop as a service (DaaS) solutions that scale up and down on demand. Or provide zero trust network access (ZTNA) to all corporate apps—web, SaaS, virtual, and more—without the need for a difficult-to-scale VPN. Whether you need to support 100 or 10,000 remote users, each one will have reliable access to apps and data while you keep resources secure.

Increase remote work security

The distributed nature of remote work means security concerns are high. Nearly 60% of IT leaders are concerned about ransomware attacks and insider threats. But with 7 in 10 employees using personal devices3 on networks IT can’t secure, protecting apps and data is more problematic than ever. Citrix solutions provide everything you need to keep IT security up to date. You can prevent breaches with security analytics, protect against cyberattacks and isolate threats from BYOD devices with adaptive authentication. And when you deploy DaaS, built-in policy controls ensure data stays secure across devices and networks. 


Boost remote employee productivity

There’s more to flexible work than keeping data secure—you need to support productivity, too. Yet many remote workers still feel frustrated on that front. An astounding 98% of business leaders admit to productivity problems caused by slow applications, and 63% say supporting collaboration with technology is their biggest IT challenge in the hybrid work environment. Citrix solutions are purpose built to solve both these challenges. Specialized HDX technology ensures voice and video remains crisp regardless of network quality. 


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