Addressing Security in Today’s Remote Work Setting [TechTarget Webinar]

Is your remote work strategy secure?

Remote work has shifted the enterprise security perimeter far beyond the edge of the datacenter and into homes and onto devices that IT may no longer control. The rise in malware attacks targeting remote workers has only made the effort of securing remote workers even more challenging. Fortunately, there are new ways to secure a remote and mobile workforce that are multi-layered, scalable, and frictionless for users.

TechTarget explores these trends and solutions for remote work in Addressing Security in Today’s Remote Work Setting, a webinar sponsored by Citrix and Chrome OS. Security and virtualization experts from Citrix, Chrome, and Principle Logic discuss:

  • Why security needs to be a posture that extends from the device to the datacenter
  • How siloed security solutions are creating blind spots and complexity
  • Best practices to implement in 2022
  • The approach Citrix and Chrome take for securing remote work


  • Kevin Beaver, CEO, Principle Logic
  • Akshay Kakar, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Citrix
  • Mike Romatzick, Virtualization Solution Lead, Google Chrome