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XenMobile delivers mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), mobile content management (MCM), secure network gateway, and enterprise-grade mobile productivity apps in one comprehensive solution. XenMobile enhances the user experience on BYO or corporate devices, without compromising security.

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Developing mobile apps can be costly, complex, and time consuming. Citrix Secure Forms, part of XenMobile, allows you to create mobile business apps while replacing paper and desktop-based business processes—all without writing one line of code. With Secure Forms capabilities, IT can easily digitize and automate traditional workflows, enabling employees to execute their tasks efficiently. Whether it’s a healthcare worker discharging a patient, an insurance agent filing a claim, or a police officer filing paperwork for a speeding ticket, enterprises are creating, distributing, and managing purpose-built mobile apps for their workforce.

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Putting together a comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution can quickly become complicated. Many organizations struggle with piecing together an EMM solution that provides mobile device management, mobile application management, security, and the ability to provide workers with the ecosystem of business apps they need to work productively. With XenMobile, your organization won’t need to worry about using multiple vendors to meet business needs. XenMobile offers a complete solution for managing apps, data, and devices in an integrated platform. That means one unified management console on a single server, giving IT the control they need without the hassle of multi-vendor implementation. In addition, XenMobile includes apps for email, calendar, contacts web browsing, note taking, document editing, and remote desktop access—the most complete set of integrated business apps from a single vendor—to deliver the functionality employees demand.

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For IT, Windows 10 makes it possible to manage Windows desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets from a single EMM console. Mobile users will be looking to IT to enable them to use their Windows desktop apps, as well as any other app, on non-Windows devices like iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

XenMobile MDM allows IT to manage, from a single console, Windows 10 devices and other platforms including iOS and Android devices. In addition, XenMobile allows users to access any app on any device—not just Windows 10 devices—through the integration of XenMobile with XenApp and XenDesktop. Through XenMobile and XenApp or XenDesktop integration, users can access their XenApp and XenDesktop apps, and thus their Windows desktops, within the Worx Home interface, without having to log in separately.

XenMobile lets you configure devices that can be shared by multiple users. The shared devices feature lets, for example, clinicians in hospitals use any nearby device to access apps and data, rather than having to carry around a specific device. You may also want shift workers in fields like law enforcement, retail, and manufacturing to share devices to reduce equipment costs.

With XenMobile, shared devices and apps are kept secure. IT can apply security policies specific to each user’s role in the organization, and can also geo-fence devices by locking each device to a specific network ID. This approach can reduce the appeal for device thieves. Geo-fenced devices also improve productivity in many work scenarios, such as warehouse stocking or tableside and beachfront order entry in a hotel.

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Citrix is positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

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EMA Radar™ has recognized Citrix as a Value Leader in Mobility Security Management for providing secure enterprise IT resources with Citrix XenMobile.

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Frost and Sullivan has recognized Citrix as a Vision Innovation Leader in enabling future workplaces with its enterprise management mobility (EMM) solution

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Microsoft and Citrix deliver improved performance at a fraction of the cost. Currently, Microsoft and Citrix have 230,000 shared customers and tens of millions of users who rely on our solutions every day. For example, XenMobile and Microsoft Office 365 work together to securely manage Office apps for mobile users while minimizing data loss.  

Citrix and Microsoft

Through collaboration between Google, Samsung, and Citrix, customers have a true end-to-end business mobility solution. With market-leading workspace delivery solutions from Citrix, organizations can easily secure, manage, and deliver enterprise, web, and mobile apps and data to the latest Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Citrix and Google

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