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Success with digital transformation depends on applications and their performance depends on the right network. An under-performing or unreliable network can adversely affect not only productivity in an organization but how users interact with customers, partners, and other employees. As more applications migrate to the cloud, enterprise adoption for business-critical SaaS apps such as Microsoft Office 365 continues to increase, and employees become more distributed, you need a WAN that can keep up.  

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Citrix SD-WAN has a built-in Application Control Engine that can detect, classify, and optimize over 4,500 applications. And if you’re using Citrix Workspace, it can even parse the ICA protocol to provide Quality-of-Service (QoS) and deep visibility into the HDX traffic. It splits ICA channels into multiple streams (real-time, interactive, bulk, and background), even over a single port, to allow for prioritization and steering of each stream. Granular awareness to the protocol allows for a reliable Citrix Workspace experience with efficient and effective delivery across the WAN.  

Citrix SD-WAN enables you to monitor HDX session quality by computing a Quality-of-Experience (QoE) metric based on network conditions. This is calculated from key factors such as latency, packet loss, and jitter. You can tune rules and policies to improve the QoE by drilling down into the performance of HDX applications at each site.

Fair Sharing of bandwidth between HDX users means the activities of one user — streaming video or large file transfers or print jobs — don’t impact other user experiences on the same network link. Citrix SD-WAN governs fair sharing of HDX interactive traffic flows by prioritizing it after it transports real-time traffic using the remaining Sustained Share (% of bandwidth available). 

Citrix SD-WAN supports Microsoft’s Office 365 network connectivity principles to ensure reliable connectivity to the nearest Office 365 front doors directly from branch locations. Citrix SD-WAN leverages APIs containing published Office 365 endpoint URLs and IP addresses to learn the closest front door locations to the users. This, in conjunction with the built-in stateful firewall, provides the ability to do local breakout of trusted, latency-sensitive Office 365 and Microsoft Teams traffic over local ISPs for all your branches.

Optimize Office 365 performance with Citrix SD-WAN

For Office 365 customers who also use Microsoft Azure, you can push Office 365 policies and firewall rules to Citrix SD-WAN directly from Azure Virtual WAN using the Microsoft REST API. The SD-WAN appliances in the branches leverage them to optimize these preferences to route Office 365 traffic to the nearest Office 365 cloud front door.

Solution brief: Citrix SD-WAN for optimal Office 365 connectivity and performance

Citrix product

Citrix SD-WAN

  • Provides deep packet inspection to identify and accelerate business-critical applications
  • Delivers granular visibility into HDX traffic to optimize end-user experience
  • Provides reliable connections directly from branch locations to the nearest Office 365 front doors