Upgrade to a simpler, more secure way to work with Citrix and ChromeOS

More people are working remotely than ever before. Which means you need a way to support your hybrid workforce—securely, sustainably, and without complicating IT. Citrix desktop as a service (DaaS) solutions on ChromeOS make it easy to do just that. This secure-by-design remote work solution gives people the flexibility they need to do their best work, while offering the zero-trust framework today’s IT landscape demands. 

Increase security

Your ChromeOS devices come with plenty of endpoint-level protections. But what happens if a device is lost or stolen? With Citrix DaaS solutions, your data is never compromised because nothing is stored on the device. IT can also disable access at any time from the cloud. Keep cybercriminals at bay with additional security layers to block suspicious internet traffic, add automated security enforcements, and configure contextual access.

Boost productivity

Easily transform any ChromeOS device into a personalized digital workspace for one-click access to applications and virtual desktops. Your users will have secure access to all types of applications, including full-featured Windows and Linux apps, anywhere there’s an internet connection. This means greater consistency and reliability for your users, and more control and visibility for IT.

Simplify IT

With Citrix DaaS solutions on ChromeOS devices, IT management is now simpler than ever. Get end-to-end visibility of your entire distributed workforce in a single view, and streamline management with granular policy controls and zero-touch provisioning. Cloud-delivered controls ensure you’ll spend far less time on help desk calls and maintenance—and more on strategies to move business forward.

Reduce costs

Citrix and ChromeOS solutions aren't just quick to deploy, they can also lower your total cost of ownership. Organizations save hundreds of dollars per user each year simply by choosing low-cost, power-efficient ChromeOS devices over traditional PCs, which can then be equipped with any app or desktop using Citrix DaaS solutions. Plus, with automatic OS updates, you can reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the frequency of wasteful device upgrades.

Overcome the security challenges of hybrid work  

See how Citrix and Google reduce your risk of ransomware, phishing, and zero-day attacks.

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Citrix Cloud and Google tools enable better, more agile ways of working. With Citrix, new employees or contractors can be up and running within minutes and they have mobile access, too.

Mari Wasström 
IT Solutions Service Management Lead 
Neste Oyj

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