Meet the needs of your mobile workforce

Power mobile productivity — without sacrificing security

If you’re having a hard time managing your mobile workforce, you’re not alone. Eight in 10 technology professionals say securing mobile devices is becoming increasingly difficult. Another 94% expect the frequency of mobile attacks to increase.1 As teams become even more distributed, these challenges will continue to grow.

We say enough is enough: IT shouldn’t have to choose between security or mobility. And now, you won’t have to. Get the visibility and control you need while employees tap, type and swipe their ways through productive workdays.

Simplify mobility management

Did you know that 93% of employees use smartphones to work on-the-go?2 Citrix Workspace lets you oversee them all with ease. With unified endpoint management, it’s easy to manage the myriad of mobile devices — plus desktops, laptops and IoT — in one central platform that’s simple, safe and ultra-secure. And when your workforce grows, our intelligent workspace scales with you.

Remove barriers to work

The longer it takes to access apps and data, the more frustration sets in. Citrix Workspace ensures employees get everything they need, no matter where they work or how many times they switch from one device to another. With the same consistent experience across iOS, Android and Windows, you can keep the creativity flowing from conference rooms to coffee shops.

Secure access from anywhere

Control access to apps and files across the full array of smartphones and tablets. Your company data will remain safe no matter where it’s locked away — in your data center, in the cloud or on smartphones themselves. With warnings that come early and often, you’ll always be prepared to spot potential problems long before they spiral into serious security issues.

Provide the power of choice

Employees today want the freedom to use their own devices. And now, you can let them use any smartphone, tablet or other wireless device without worry. Simply set your controls and user access will automatically change based on where employees go, what they do and which networks they’re accessing. It really is as simple and easy as that.

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