Realize the potential of your business with performance analytics

Use machine learning-based scoring to drive business results

Citrix Analytics for Performance uses machine learning to quantify user experience and uncover the health of your environment. Data is consolidated into a single dashboard providing end-to-end visibility and enabling capacity planning and proactive response to performance degradation.

Introducing Citrix Analytics for Performance

Explore some of the key use cases for Citrix Analytics for Performance

Get a consolidated view of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops performance based on user sessions. For on-premises customers, measure the health of a single site or multiple sites. Citrix can provide comprehensive visibility into ICA traffic channels, Citrix Gateway and HDX information to deliver end-to-end performance insights.

Quantify the in-app end-user experience by session with classifications of “Excellent,” “Fair,” or “Poor.” The Citrix Analytics for Performance machine learning (ML) engine uncovers performance degradation by monitoring network latency and logon duration via Citrix HDX Insights and Citrix Director. Easily identify groups of users experiencing poor performance.

Gain visibility into Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) performance for a given site or across multiple sites. Reveal trend data and insights into available and unusable VDAs over a period of time. Confirm that your capacity management strategy is meeting your performance goals. Adjust underlying resources to maximize performance and help plan future needs.

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