Enable bring-your-own device (BYOD) without compromising security

Securely enable employees to use personal devices for work

Employees are choosing to bring their personal devices into the workplace more frequently, which presents IT with new app and mobile device management challenges.  A bring-your-own device (BYOD) solution allows for device freedom, but potentially exposes corporate data to security risks.

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With the demand for BYOD increasing, IT needs the ability to securely manage apps and devices. Citrix Endpoint Management enables IT to manage mobile apps and devices across platforms, all from a single console. With single console mobile management, IT can set policies to meet security and compliance measures, while employees still have the freedom to choose their own device.

Citrix Endpoint Management provides a mobile application management (MAM) solution that eliminates personal privacy concerns for employees. Without the need for device enrollment, IT admins can apply app-specific policies, such as single sign-on or remote wipe, as well as inter-app workflows. 

Provide workers with the tools they need to be productive on their personal device. Citrix mobile productivity apps, optimized for the business user, give the same business features that users would expect from their desktop apps. The integration of secure productivity apps and workflows enables productivity on their personal device. IT admins centrally manage the apps across different platforms, minimizing BYOD management complexity, and maximizing mobile productivity.

Citrix product

Citrix Endpoint Management

  • Transform business by centrally managing apps and data across platforms.
  • Eliminate the need for device enrollment with a MAM-first approach.
  • Apply app-specific security policies that allow personal and corporate data to coexist on BYO devices.