Service Descriptions for Citrix Services

Last revised: March 6, 2023

These Service Descriptions provide important details for specific Citrix Services and supplement and form a part of the End User Services Agreement (“EUA”). Capitalized terms used in these Service Descriptions and not otherwise defined here have the meanings set forth in the EUA.

Certain Citrix offerings bundle multiple Citrix Services to which multiple Service Descriptions will apply. You will need to refer to the Service Descriptions set forth below for each of the individual Citrix Services to understand all of the features and functionality included in each bundled offering.

A. Citrix Cloud Services

Citrix Cloud is a cloud-based platform that hosts and administers certain Citrix Services. It connects to your resources through connectors on any cloud or infrastructure you choose (on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud). It allows you to create, manage, secure, and deploy workspaces with apps and data to your end users from a single console. The following Citrix Services are all provisioned through Citrix Cloud.

Service Description

Citrix Adaptive Authentication

Citrix Adaptive Authentication provides security, including multi-factor authentication, conditional or policy-based authentication, and device posture scan. It also enables contextual access to Citrix DaaS and Secure Private Access.

Citrix Analytics – Usage

Citrix Analytics – Usage analytics delivers consolidated basic usage information to Citrix customers on supported products. You can view a timeline summary of active users with granular drill-downs, basic product usage, and core insights in easy-to-understand summary views.

Citrix Analytics for Performance

Citrix Analytics for Performance quantifies the end-user experience of Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop (CVAD) sites. User experience scores are generated for each unique user. Drill down into factors that impact performance, including session logon duration, responsiveness, availability and resiliency, to surface root cause insights. Self-service search enables ad hoc queries for further understanding of your Citrix DaaS or CVAD site.

Citrix Analytics for Security

Citrix Analytics for Security correlates user activity spanning the Citrix environment to provide visibility into user behavior. Unique user risk scores identify potential bad actors. Remediate user threats using advanced machine learning and automated actions. Proactively identify and manage both internal and external user threats.

NetScaler App Delivery and Security Service

 App Delivery and Security Service -  Managed provides integrated application delivery and security via automation and an intent-based policy framework. The service includes the following features:

  • Intent Based: delivers applications based on specified intent
  • Integrated App Security: enables consistent security posture across apps with Web Application Firewall (WAF), Bot Management, and SSL termination to protect web applications
  • Citrix Managed: automated ADC infrastructure management
  • Self Healing: continuous optimization of application delivery
  • Consumption-based Metering: metering based on terabytes of data processed and number of DNS queries

App delivery lifecycle management is automated and includes upgrading and auto-scaling of ADC infrastructure. Analytics enable the service to monitor application performance and take self-corrective actions to improve the security and delivery of the application.

NetScaler Application Delivery Management

NetScaler Application Delivery Management (ADM) service is a control plane for managing NetScaler ADC, Gateway, SD-WAN, and WAF deployments across your hybrid multi-cloud environment. It acts as a single, unified, cloud-based console to control licensing, configuration and monitoring of the different NetScaler ADC form factors wherever they are deployed.

NetScaler ADM service also collates telemetry from your applications delivery infrastructure and analyzes it to provide actionable insight into usage, health and performance for your applications, infrastructure and network that helps you proactively troubleshoot issues.

Citrix DaaS

  • Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure
  • Citrix DaaS Standard for Google Cloud
  • Citrix DaaS Advanced
  • Citrix DaaS Advanced Plus
  • Citrix DaaS Premium
  • Citrix DaaS Premium for Google Cloud
  • Citrix DaaS Premium Plus

The Citrix DaaS family of services provide a desktop as a service solution that gives IT control of virtual machines, desktops, applications, and security while providing anywhere access for any device. End users can use applications and desktops independently of the device’s operating system and interface.

Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure is a DaaS solution designed specifically for Azure with quick deployment, prepared desktop images, monitoring, and Remote PC access capabilities.

Citrix DaaS Standard for Google Cloud is a DaaS solution designed for Google Cloud with quick deployment, prepared desktop images, monitoring, and Remote PC access capabilities.

Citrix DaaS Advanced is a hybrid cloud DaaS solution designed for virtual apps and server-based desktops with performance optimizations, security enhancements, and image management and monitoring capabilities.

Citrix DaaS Advanced Plus is a hybrid cloud DaaS solution designed for single-session and multi-session virtual apps and desktops with performance optimizations, security enhancements, and image management and monitoring capabilities.

Citrix DaaS Premium is a hybrid cloud DaaS solution designed for single-session and multi-session virtual apps and desktops with premium security, management, performance, and monitoring capabilities.

Citrix DaaS Premium for Google Cloud is a DaaS solution designed for Google Cloud and includes the above features of Citrix DaaS Premium.

Citrix DaaS Premium Plus is a hybrid cloud DaaS solution designed for single-session and multi-session virtual apps and desktops with premium security, management, performance, monitoring capabilities, performance analytics, and security analytics.

Citrix Universal

  • Citrix Universal Advanced
  • Citrix Universal Advanced Plus
  • Citrix Universal Premium
  • Citrix Universal Premium for Google Cloud
  • Citrix Universal Premium Plus

The Citrix Universal Subscription licenses provide both licensing and support for both traditional on-premises Citrix software and Citrix Cloud services. This enables a gradual transition to the Cloud or a hybrid deployment, while maintaining on-premises infrastructure. Additionally, it offers a desktop-as-a-service solution that provides IT control over virtual machines, applications, and security, while allowing end-users to access applications and desktops from any device regardless of the operating system and interface.

Citrix Universal Advanced is a hybrid solution designed for single-session and multi-session virtual apps and server-based desktops with performance optimizations, security enhancements, and image management and monitoring capabilities. Citrix Universal Advanced supports hybrid, multi-cloud, and/or on-premises workloads. 

Citrix Universal Advanced Plus includes all of the features of Citrix Universal Advanced, as well as support for single session Windows 11/10 or Linux desktops, HDX Plus for Windows365, Remote PC access, and offers premium provisioning capabilities (PVS). 

Citrix Universal Premium includes all of the features of Citrix Universal Advanced Plus, as well as premium security capabilities like Adaptive Authentication and App Protection.

Citrix Universal Premium for Google Cloud is a solution designed for Google Cloud customers that includes a Google Cloud-hosted control plane to use DaaS capabilities. This solution includes all of the features of Citrix Universal Premium, however it only supports hybrid on-premises and/or Google Cloud-hosted workloads.

Citrix Universal Premium Plus includes all of the features of Citrix Universal Premium, as well as performance analytics and security analytics.

Citrix Optimization Pack

Citrix Optimization Pack for Azure Virtual Desktop uses intelligent resource management and profile management technologies to improve performance and lower logon and response times for native Azure Virtual Desktops (Microsoft) deployments in addition to device management capabilities for certain Windows devices.

Citrix Remote Browser Isolation


Citrix Remote Browser Isolation service protects web access by isolating browsing in the cloud and off the network. This boosts productivity, as end users can navigate the internet without restriction, while strengthening security. This enables IT to take a proactive, preventive approach to securing company data.

Citrix Secure Private Access

  • Standard
  • Advanced

Citrix Secure Private Access is a cloud delivered Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution that delivers adaptive access to IT sanctioned applications whether they are deployed on-prem or in the cloud. Citrix Secure Private Access provides access to applications at the application layer and provides customer admins with a set of security controls enabling their users to access IT sanctioned applications on any device, whether managed or BYO. Citrix Secure Private Access Standard includes the following features:

  • ZTNA to web and SaaS IT sanctioned applications 
  • Citrix Workspace Browser
  • End-to-end monitoring of traffic across IT sanctioned apps 
  • Single sign-on 

Citrix Secure Private Access Advanced includes all the features of Citrix Secure Private Access Standard and adds the following features:

  • ZTNA agent-based access to all IT sanctioned applications including client server apps 
  • Remote browser isolation 
  • Adaptive authentication 
  • Adaptive access policies and security controls 
  • App protection for SaaS and web apps

NetScaler Web App and API Protection

NetScaler Web App and API Protection service is a cloud-delivered security solution for all your SaaS and on-premises web applications. This Service provides a simple way to provide protection from cyber threats and enables a consistent security posture across all your deployments. Depending on the Service package purchased, this Service offers protection against application layer attacks with an integrated Web App Firewall (WAF) and volumetric Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection. The bundled NetScaler Web App and API Protection offering includes a cloud-based, always-on WAF that uses both signature-based and heuristics-based protections and engages in both positive and negative security models, allowing it to adapt to the complex application threat landscape while adjusting to fit your risk profile. The cloud-based DDoS protection service components are built to filter malicious Distributed Denial of Service traffic from your Internet traffic, returning clean traffic back to your servers, and can be purchased under always-on and on-demand offering models.



B. Other Services

Service Description


  • Plus
  • Premium

Podio is a customizable workflow and collaboration tool.

Podio Plus allows you to collaborate between users internal and external to your organization.  It provides read-only access and a light user role for external users, as well as basic automated workflows.

Podio Premium includes all the features of Podio Plus and adds advanced workflow orchestration, contact sync, interactive sales dashboards, and visual reports.


  • Standard
  • Advanced

RightSignature allows you obtain electronic signatures on documents entirely online more quickly and securely than executing paper documents.

RightSignature Standard provides basic electronic signature capabilities.

RightSignature Advanced edition includes all the features of RightSignature Standard and adds advanced electronic signature workflows.

Citrix ShareFile

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Premium
  • Virtual Data Room

ShareFile allows you to share, sync, and secure content from the cloud and on-premises storage services with clients and teams. The Standard edition provides a business-class file sharing and storage solution to securely access your files on any device.

ShareFile Advanced includes all the features of ShareFile Standard and adds Office 365 co-editing, plugins for external email systems, feedback & approvals workflows, and encrypted email.

ShareFile Premium includes all the features of ShareFile Advanced and also adds electronic signatures.

ShareFile Virtual Data Room (VDR) is specifically designed to facilitate fast and effective collaboration for highly confidential processes. ShareFile VDR offers exclusive features that allow those involved in a deal to access, review, edit and approve sensitive documents, including view-only access, click trails, dynamic watermarking, plugins for external email systems, and advanced analytics and reporting.

C. Service-specific Terms

Citrix Web App and API Protection:

  1. Data Access and Rights. Operation and performance of the Service involves repeated filtering of traffic to each of Customer’s endpoints, and Customer must redirect traffic for the endpoint to the Service and provide access to the endpoints. While using the Service, Customer grants Citrix (including its Affiliates and subcontractors) a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to access Customer’s identified endpoints, the internet traffic flowing thereto, any applications contained therein solely for the purpose of performing the Services. Customer make revoke this license by deactivating the Service. Customer represents and warrants that it has all rights necessary to grant Citrix the access and licenses set forth in this paragraph and for Citrix to perform the Service.
  2. Throughput Capacity Limits. Throughput capacity limits are enforced based on the 95th percentile peak Mbps of legitimate, non-malicious (“clean”) traffic processed by the Service in a month (“Clean Traffic Peak”). The Clean Traffic Peak is calculated by periodically measuring clean bandwidth utilization. At the end of each month, the traffic measurements are combined and the top 5% are discarded. The next highest measurement for the inbound or outbound traffic is considered the 95th percentile Clean Traffic Peak. In the event of a DDoS incident, attack traffic may be mitigated as far “upstream” as possible (including internet network provider ACLs). In such event, Customer’s Clean Traffic Peak will not be affected by the volume of the attack traffic.
  3. On-demand DDoS protection service components. As part of the Citrix Web App and API Protection suite of offerings, Citrix offers on-demand DDoS protection services. On-demand DDoS protection services can be configured for either BGP or DNS redirection service options. Customers may redirect traffic to the DDoS protection platform when under attack or imminent threat of attack based on their configuration of on-demand mitigation triggers. Customer traffic is routed off the platform after the attack ends. Mitigation Incidents that permit Customer to direct traffic to the platform shall be configured during provisioning. Customer shall be responsible for the direction of all internet traffic for an endpoint for performance of the Services and redirection from the platform once a Mitigation Incident has ceased. Customer’s failure to redirect traffic for an endpoint away from the platform once a Mitigation Incident has ceased shall cause the Customer to incur additional Mitigation Incident fees and, if applicable, Clean Traffic overage fees. Non-Attack Incidents may incur additional charges for on-demand offerings. “Mitigation incident” means an event wherein Customer has directed internet-based traffic for an endpoint to the DDoS protection platform. “Non-Attack Incident” shall mean a Mitigation Incident in which there has been no attack traffic for on-demand BGP deployments.
  4. SSL Certificates. The Service includes Layer 4 rate limiting protection for HTTPS traffic. The Service requires the Customer to provide Citrix with an SSL certificate to be loaded into the Service for access to the traffic which shall be subject to HTTPS packet inspection. Customer warrants that its provision of the SSL certificate and Citrix’s use thereof does not violate any laws, security policies, or regulations or infringe the proprietary or privacy rights of any third party.
  5. Abuse. In the event that, in Citrix’s reasonable determination, Customer is using the Service in a manner that critically impacts, or threatens to impact critically, the networks, systems, or Services of Citrix or any third party, Citrix may suspend provision of the Service, as applicable, immediately and without prior notice.

Citrix Azure Consumption Fund and Citrix Managed Azure:

  1. Citrix Azure Consumption Fund is an add-on offering for use with select Citrix offerings. It is a pay-as-you-go Citrix Managed Azure service that simplifies the hosting of app and desktop workloads. Adding this service enables you to provision app and desktop workloads in Citrix Managed Azure. Citrix Managed Azure enables virtualization solution style deployment models helping you accelerate your deployment times and also scale up/down as needed.
  2. Citrix Managed Azure provides workload hosting in select regions across the world and also offers the most widely used Azure compute and storage services for use with your app and desktop workloads. Citrix makes it easy to connect your Citrix Managed Azure with your existing network and also allows you to import your images.
  3. You will be charged each month for your consumption use, which can vary based on the type of Compute, Storage, etc. you pick along with hours of use. You can review your consumption usage in the Citrix Cloud Licensing portal. Consumption usage is updated daily.

D. General Terms

Discontinued Services: For Customers with subscriptions to Services no longer available for purchase, the Service Descriptions last applicable to such Services shall continue to apply.

Licensing Models: These Services are provided according to the applicable licensing models set forth here:

Service Level Agreement: Citrix service level commitments are set forth at

Technical Support: Customer and technical support options applicable to the Services, if available, are set forth here:

Training: Citrix may make available to Customer online training sessions for individuals who are authorized by Customer to access the Services. Additional fees may apply.

Upgrades: If Customer orders any additional Services features that require additional fees (“Upgrades”), Citrix will charge Customer a pro-rated fee for the Upgrades based on the number of days left in Customer’s current billing cycle, and thereafter, Customer will be billed for the total fees in accordance with Customer’s regular billing schedule. Citrix will not provide any reimbursement for unused days if Customer cancels any Upgrades after payment is made for the applicable month.