Understanding our legal agreements

Citrix service documents

The service documents for Citrix cloud services consist of three main components. The service descriptions, agreement, and security exhibit. The agreement and security are generally the same for any cloud service, while the service descriptions is service specific.

Data processing addendum

Based on the instruction of the data processor handling data uploaded into the Citrix cloud services, Citrix implements and maintains technical and organizational measures to adequately protect personal data.

User agreements

License agreements for on-premises and Citrix cloud and other SaaS offerings address all offering terms, including maintenance and optional consulting services.

Citrix supplier security standards

The supplier security exhibit lists the technical and organizational measures and security controls that Citrix’s vendors and partners are required to adopt when accessing Citrix or customer facilities, networks and/or information systems, or accessing, processing, or storing Citrix confidential information.

Supplier/Partner code of business conduct

The supplier/partner code of business conduct provides guidelines to suppliers and partners on their ethical and legal responsibilities.