Product License Compliance

Last Revised December 1, 2018

Citrix maintains an audit right with respect to your use of Citrix product licenses. Any audit may be conducted remotely or on your premises and shall not unreasonably interfere with your business activities. Citrix may perform the audit or use an independent auditor. Citrix shall not audit you more than once per year.  You must reasonably cooperate, and, without prejudice to other rights of Citrix, address any non-compliance identified by the audit, including, but not limited to, promptly paying any license or Maintenance fees owed. Excess license usage will be determined based on your peak license deployment and will be billed to you at the then-current Citrix suggested retail price, including Maintenance for the lesser of the duration of the excess license usage or two years, as well as Maintenance determined to be due on any other licenses. If the audit discloses an underpayment of ten percent (10%) or more of total fees owed for the period audited, or any other material breach of the Product License Agreement, you agree to also reimburse Citrix for its reasonable audit expenses.  This audit right is incorporated by reference into the Product License Agreement and Maintenance Program.  Citrix will occasionally update these audit terms. When we do, we will also revise the "Last Revised" date at the top.