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Access web and SaaS applications in a virtual browser with zero endpoint configuration

Web-based apps are now a common part of many organizations’ IT strategy—but in practice, web browsers can cause many of the same headaches as any Windows app, from frequent updates to compatibility issues. Application virtualization offers a way to realize the benefits of web-based apps without the drawbacks. By virtualizing a web app on a single browser version and configuration, and then delivering it the same way to every user, IT can solve compatibility issues while enhancing security and manageability.

To ease the delivery of specific browser-based apps to users—regardless of their chosen browser—Citrix offers Secure Browser. Secure Browser is a virtual browser that enables IT to deliver secure remote access to web and SaaS applications with zero endpoint configuration.

Citrix Secure Browser overview

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Secure Browser lets users choose any browser without the need for IT to test every type, version or plugin. This is especially significant as a broader range of devices enter the workplace, including mobile devices equipped with native browsers that often break web apps. Central management of patches and updates reduces the number of versions in the environment and ensures that all the latest fixes are applied in a timely manner.

With Secure Browser, users can securely open web and SaaS business apps in their local browser of choice simply by entering or clicking on a specified URL. This opens a Citrix Receiver for HTML5 session that transparently displays the web application in the pre-defined virtual browser, seamlessly integrated into a new tab in the local browser. With no need to deal with a VPN, users can work remotely with web apps as easily and conveniently as they would with a locally installed Windows app.

Citrix Secure Browser centralizes the applications and data within the hardened data center, adding layers of security. Only screen updates, mouse click and keystroke commands cross the network to the user’s endpoint device, greatly reducing the risk of data exposure or exfiltration. No data resides on the device or in the local browser cache, and nothing is left behind when the network connection is terminated, aiding security and compliance. Granular access policy enforcement lets you eliminate unnecessary VPN holes and reduce the risk of data loss or intrusion through unsecured connections.

Secure Browser is available as a fully hosted service via Citrix Cloud. With this option, Citrix manages the infrastructure and servers, making it a true turnkey solution. The Secure Browser Service can be set up in minutes with three easy steps: publish the web app and define the URL for your end users, test the app on the virtual browser, distribute the URL to your users.

Secure Browser capabilities are also built in to XenApp. With this option, IT manages the servers and web site on premises, just like a standard XenApp implementation. Customers can deploy it themselves to their resource location of choice with a Citrix Lifecycle Management XenApp Secure Browser Blueprint, or choose the step-by-step XenApp Secure Browser Deployment Guide.

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XenApp Secure Browser Service

  • Delivers browser-based apps while improving manageability and user experience
  • Provides users with simple, secure access to corporate browser based apps without the complexity found in traditional VPN-based remote access.
  • Decreases development and support costs of browser-based apps while adding extra layers of security.

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